Weekly Round-Up

Welcome the the Weekly Round-up, this is where we will be sharing the breedable news and views every Friday (or thereabouts).  This first edition will include a bit of catch-up for the month of August.  If there is anything I have missed, please feel free to mention it in the comments.

Amaretto Horses

The Amaretto Horses completed their second stage of Beta Testing during the month of August.  This was obviously deemed a success as they were released on 1st September at 2.30pm slt, followed shortly by server issues due to the large capacity of concurrent connections..  This has been a long and not always patiently awaited release for the numerous horse lovers of SL (it’s a universal love really isn’t it).  As a horse lover myself I am very interested to see the growth of the equestrian industry that will be focused around this breedable.  Below are the original prices given pre-release.  The food costs were lowered shortly before release although the horses costs remained the same.

Amaretto Ranch Breedable Horses and Accessories Price List:

Horse Packs (see manual, enclosed with your items, for full instructions ):

Starter Pack 3000L=3 females 1 male, 2 breedable food & waters, 2 salt licks

Breeder Pack 5500L=6 females 2 males,4 breedable food & waters, 4 salt licks

Ranchers Pack 7748L=9 females 3 males, 6 breedable food & waters, 6 salt licks

Food and Water (see full instructions enclosed with your food & water):

Breeder Food & Water:  Single pack-200L; 4pack=744L; 6pack=1100L

Pet Food & Water:  Single pack=100L; 4pack=372L; 6pack=552L

Healing Kit  248L  This one time use kit will heal one sick horse and bring its hunger and thirst down to 90%

Amaretto Brand Salt Lick:  This stat booster gives a 1% increase in happiness over time.
1 pack= 176L’s  4 pack= 676L’s  6 pack= 1,000L’s

Amaretto Brand Horsie Snacks:  This one time use snack will decrease one of your horses hunger and thirst by 10%.
1 pack=    24L’s 5 pack=  124L’s 10 pack= 248L’s

Amaretto Brand Endurance Elixir:  This one time use elixir will increase one of your horses energy by 10%.
1 pack= 200L’s 5 pack= 1,000L’s 10 pack= 2,000L’s

Amaretto Brand Sugar Cubes:  These one time use sugar cubes will increase one of your horses happiness by 15%.
1 pack= 200L’s 5 pack= 1,000L’s  **This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period**

Amaretto Ranch Pharmacy Passion Pills:  This one time use pill will increase one of your horses fervor by 10%.
1 pack= 248L’s 5 pack= 1,240L’s  **This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period**

Amaretto Cocktail:  This one time use cocktail will increase energy, happiness and fervor by 5% and decrease hunger and thirst by 5%.
1 pack= 500L’s 5 pack= 2,500L’s  **This stat booster can only be used on a horse once in a 24 hour period**

Server issues seem to be continuing for this and another breedable, so please check in group before birthing the new horses to avoid problems.

Binc. Amaretto Info

C&C Creations Grouse

Since the release this month the Grouse have my head spinning with the many things happening.  There have been special releases, prizes, photo comps and a new fishing hole.  C&C have released new and original products such as the Time Warp Juice and Sex Change Machine as well as giving breeder the opportunity at a variety of special eggs.  There was also an official launching party held on the 29th August with prizes.  There are prizes given on a daily basis, so please visit the store to get involved with the fun happening.

Binc. Grouse Info

Clamables Clams

The clams have had another update recently moving the clams to Version 2.200, the launching of a new website and they have just announced the chance at a new special clam between the 1st and 4th of September.  The last special clam was the Goggly Eyes clam and the hint for this one is Fall is coming.  There was also an announcement for the chance to use some new products on the clams that are of an original design.

Clamables Clam Paint Bucket:  This paint bucket will work ONLY with a baby clam.  Also, please note that it is designed to work with all clams.  However!  This being said if you have a clam that is specially designed to be a certain shell color, for example uniques, after an update it will revert itself back to its proper design.  Take this into consideration when using it.  The repick will force your clam to repaint itself if you will.  What color it will end up being is completely random, and you will only know what it is after its been applied to the clam.  Cost for this is 100L

Clamables Fountain of Aging:  This is designed to force your baby clam, note ONLY baby clams will be effected by this system, to age 7 days more then they currently are.  This will help to force your more interesting clams into adult hood quickly.  Cost for this is 100L

There has recently been some innovations and alot of hard work going into the clams which has certainly refreshed my interest in them and I’m sure will do the same for others.

Binc. Clam Info


There has been a surprise change with EcoGen this month at the decision to recall the snails.  Essex is determined to mine all the possible bugs from them before returning them to the EcoGen Ecosystem.  The tulip compost has been updated to V1.6.  This fixes 2 bugs:  1. Snails falling through compost when used in very high sky boxes 2.  Tulips appearing at wrong angle on growth.  There was a change to the Beehive giving it the ability to be set to a range, this was a big relief to me, as my bees where causing trouble with the neighbours, lol.  The brown tulip has been removed from sale and replaced with 2 new Tulip types- Voilet and Blue Fade.  This was to prevent a big spender circumventing selective breeding and giving people a chance to create their own breeds and selectively breed towards the ultimate goal of the Black Tulip or even rarer Black Harlequin.

Binc. EcoGen Info


The release of the long awaited Eco-Life bear occurred this month in the form of a Brown Grizzly Bear in Beta Testing for those in the group.  There were the usual teething problems and I would take a guess that it has been a big learning curve for the Guardians.  One taken gracefully I might add.  There was recently given to those willing to give a donation to the project, a special panda bear with food and toy.   This was only available as a 24 hour opportunity.  The Eco-Life Sim has been opened to with T-shirts made available and the opening of a community center for future meetings.  You can also view the panda and grizzly’s as you walk around the mountain paths.  Version 1.8 has just been released for the Grizzly’s.  The recent notice informed that this meant the age bug has been fixed, and the status bar is in good working condition. You will be able to see the age of your bear.  Next on the list* Monitor habits, as well as needs. so adjustments can be made (adjustments will be based on your feedback.)

Binc. Eco-Life Info


HB has remained in transition this month.  Breeders are still awaiting the V2 update and there has been a continued loss of eggs to various strange conditions.  There was an announcement this week that the HunnyBunny sim is now up for sale.  Renters at the HB market no longer need to pay for rental until the sim is sold.  This is intended to lower the monthly costs which will have a positive effect in the long run, it will mean lower prices for food, starter packs, etc.  The notecard also said that “Although HunnyBunny is still up and running and is pending it’s very close update to an epic V2 in a couple of days.”  I must admit there has been a disappearance of CSR’s and there has been little support given on the group.  I have seen many people complain of the loss or death of eggs, but sadly there has been no response or recompense to these losses.  I have been assured that they are in the final stages of beta testing the new update.

Binc. HunnyBunny Info

Magic Pets Sparrow

The Sparrows were newly released this month in a fog of mystery.  Sadly the TCD team missed the launch, but we were able to hunt down the information shortly afterwards.  There has just been an update to version 0.31.  This now means for eggs – the Mother and Father of an Egg are added to the egg, the date the egg was laid has been added and for the Birds – when a female Sparrow is pregnant, this is shown in local chat as well.  And the Transport Crate and Egg Cradle now have their version in the description field and when you click on them while empty will tell what version they are.  This is a pleasant breedable that uses the XS open source script with some original additions and design.

Binc. Sparrow Info

MicroPetz Pigs

MicroPetz having been fairly quiet lately as they are working on an update at the moment.  I have heard whispers that there will be lots of interesting changes to look forward to in this release.

Binc. MicroPetz Info

Mystic Creatures Fairies

It has been a rocky month for Mystic Creatures with the Fairies facing various issues.  They have been hard at work fixing the issues that have been popping up and at the same time developing new products to release in the future.  If you go into the store you will now see vendors for Sea Creatures, Plant Life and Breeding Beavers, lol.  There are also some samples related to each of these (check outside for the beaver), although the vendors are not working currently.  They have an update terminal you can access from the shop and it will currently update 1.o version products for you immediately (didn’t get the chance to confirm this is currently up and running).

A recent group notice informed us:

The issues being worked on are as follows:
1) Lag /Communication issues between the Nursery and the Egg
2) Lag / Communication issues between the Transport box and the fairy
3) Lag/Communication issues between the Nursery and the New Fairy after birth.
4) Fairies not eating, aging or breeding.
5) Fairies not stopping after Follow command was issued.
6) Fairies not wandering after follow command
7) Fairies trying to return to their original home location no matter what command was issued.

They have also promised to replace food that spoils or runs out during the wait.  Please contact the inworld group for more information.

Binc. Mystic Creatures Info (in progress)


Ozimals have made some new and innovative changes recently after the dramatic updates which are still fresh on breeders minds.  The rapid growth caused by the overwhelming popularity of the bunny’s has caused some unexpected issues which the Ozimals Creators Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch hadn’t expected.  They have employed a project manager, Joel Foner (Joel Savard in Second Life) to help with getting things done more effectively and reliably.  They are expanding their software development staff and have started Ozimals Community Meetings as of Monday August 30th at 12 noon SLT and then another at 6 pm SLT for our different time zones (yaya).  Ozimals University starts on Monday, September 13, 2010 and there is also an Ozimals First Evah! Photo Contest.

Binc. Ozimals Info (in Progress)

Petable Turtles

The Petable Turtle have been hard at work with new fun coming up soon.  There is plans for the new 2.0 HUD which is promising to have many new features.  There is a plan for official Turtle Racing, apparently there was once unofficial turtle racing, which will be part of the 2.0 release.  There was a birthday surprise made available for Matt’s Birthday, a balloon accessory made specially and only available for the one day.  The big news is this weekend which is the Turtle Anniversary Celebration.  Yaya!!!  There will be a “Turtle Heaven” party on the Petable sim (coordinates to be revealed later) with all kinds of great prizes.  It will be held on Saturday, 4th September at noon SLT to make it suitable for all time zones.  There will be a Turtleversary egg available for everyone and 2 highly-requested accessories for sale at the store (I wonder what they will be).  Also some fishing prizes that will be available for the first time, and lots of other fun surprises.  I love a breedables party!!

Binc. Petable Turtles Info (in the works)


PlantPets continue to go strong and there is a major update due to be beta tested shortly.  The new update when released promises to bring some new options and fun to PlantPets.

Binc. PlantPets Info (In Progress)

Precious Dragons

The Dragons are still in Open Beta and have been introducing new Queens to the mix, so far the Silver Queen, Gold Queen and now Royal Queen have lined up alongside the original Bronze Queen.  There has just been a new HUD update, giving breeders the ability to see how much gold they have.  Gold is needed to purchase Queens as well as some of the larger food options.  There have been the usual beta issues to deal with, and the team are friendly and efficient in helping those in need as quickly as possible.  There was an opportunity a few days ago to purchase a sack of food for 1L, which was met with an excited stampede of people.  I think it is still available at the main store now, only one sack per person is allowed though.  The Precious Dragons have also been affected by the server issues that seem to have troubled Amaretto. and are prepared to assist with anyone that has had issues relating to that.

Binc. Precious Dragons Info

New Releases?

There has been a newly released breedable discovered recently by Sadira.  It is also based on the XS open source script but a very unique breedable.  Bubbies are a breedable alien (a cuddly looking one) that released coins which can be used with the other 2 breedables this creator is soon to release, a plant called Orches and Scarbs, a bug.  They all interact in some way and have been created as an interesting and enjoyable game.  More information will be forthcoming soon.

They will come to save our world …
They are the new state of mind ..
Breeding a bubbie , its more than breeding an sl pet … its a way of life …

I also just received notice that Pet Peddlers, with the forthcoming breedable fish, have opened a forum which will have updates and status reports on the project as they are close to reaching the closed beta phase.

View from the Frontlines

The growth in breedables this month has been quite amazing and the increase in the amount of breedables available is bringing many changes to the breedables industry.  Many of the more established breedable companies are having to rethink their way of doing things as it becomes increasingly easier for people to drop one breedable for another.  I have noticed many of the larger breeders closing shop, selling everything and moving to a new breedable.  This saddens me and it also makes me wonder if in the long run it will be worth their while.  Not that I am discounting the newer breedables, I am more referring to the need some people feel to jump on board the train that’s moving in the hopes of being the first to arrive at the station.  This takes away from new people that willingly embrace a breedable and might hope to make some small impact on a new market, they barely get a chance when others are willing to throw alot of money at a breedable with only profit as their motive.  There is always going to be a new breedable on the block, but certainly there is worth in committing to a breedable rather than hopping from one to the other.

With many new breedables and a few in beta comes the drama also.  I am regularly left wondering if many people in Beta really understand what they have gotten themselves involved with.  Beta means there are going to be bugs, issues, potential deaths, it also means the team involved want to hear of your drama’s (in a drama-less fashion of course) so that they know and understand the potential issues in varying circumstances and can fix them.  There is something to be said for people waiting a couple of months if they prefer a drama-free breedable rather than becoming abusive or discouraged and giving up on a potentially great product.

The continued growth of breedables developed from the XS open source scripting is very interesting to watch and I only hope that Xundra is aware of the legacy left from the development of XS.  I can only wonder, as sad as it is, if the current market growth would have been the case if the current XS status hadn’t occurred.

Eco-systems seem to be current theme.  EcoGen of course was always intended as an ecosystem, Eco-Life similarly but there is talk that some of the newer creators are developing more products that will work together, such as Mystic Creatures and the new Bubbies.  I am still unsure just how the Mystic Creatures breedables will impact each other and the Bubbies are still a bit of a mystery to me at this time, but the development of an ecosystem really in some ways encourages and requires a greater amount of commitment from the breeders involved in that product.  I personally would like to see an ecosystem that all feed off the one source.

The weekend holds some promise with the Turtle celebrations, Father’s Day in Australia and Labor Day in the US (don’t know if that counts as a breedable worthy celebration though).


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  1. Chants “I want more View from the Front Lines…Now Now Now!” Exceptional editorial darling Tracy, absolutely exceptional. A blog is more than just reporting the facts, it has to be embibed with human spirit, and I think that you have accomplished that in starter this blog. Personally I would love to hear more and more about what goes on in that pretty little head of yours. Anyone that has been apart of the Breedables community, knows that it isn’t all roses, sunshine, and reproduction. I think that the community could do with a heaping spoonful of honesty. I don’t know Tracy, I am going to make a suggestion and then shoot myself in the head, because I know it will take forever to write, because I am me, but at some point should we do an expose, about the darker side of breeding….danh danh danh danh.

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