The Petable “Turtle Heaven” Turtleversary Party

Sept 4th 12 noon

Being held aloft in turtle heaven by a band of winged shellers holding a giant food dish the turtleversary commanded a packed house.

Petable Founders Grim & Matthew

Although the Official Party is over there is still the opportunity to grab the special Turtleversary egg made available for the occasion, the opportunity to pick one up has been extended till Tuesday night due to people going away for the long weekend.  You can also continue to try your hand at winning special prizes at the fishing area until noon SLT tomorrow (Sunday).  The prizes include turtle food and an exclusive accessory, there are 3 other specials that will continue to be available at the main fishing area from Tuesday until the 30th September.  And finally, thank you Matthew and Grim for a wonderful and fun breedable.  We ❤ Turtles!!  Happy 1st Birthday and many more to come!!!

Turtleversary on Petable Blog

Turtle Egg SLurl

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