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An Anonymous Source has released some interesting information today in regards to the upcoming MicroPetz Pigs update.  And I am here to tell you it is very interesting information indeed 😉

There has long been speculation and a bit of confusion in regards to breeding the piggies, but it seems all will become clear with the the new update to Version 2.  There is a total of 12 planned breeds that will be released and the breeds will be listed in a series format from 1-12, 1 being the most common and 12 being the most rare.  Not all of these breeds will be released at the same time though, they will be released periodically.  Just often enough to keep us interested perhaps?

Each breed with have a total of 10 furs, and each set of skins will be specific for that certain breed.  The skins will be on a tier grading scale from 1-10.  1 being the most common, and 10 being the most rare.  There will also be a “Mix Breed” that is not included in the 12 breeds.  If a two different breeds are bred together the baby will become a Mix Breed and there will also be an “Inbred” if a piggy is bred together with certain family members.  All traits will be on a tier grading scale.

So there will be a new genetics breeding system that is more realistic, with new eye and ear designs, what more could you want!?!

Well each breed will eventually have a “Special” piggy released into the system that would be extremely rare.  Yaya!!

One new revelation that I’m sure will make many happy is the Family Tree/Registry.  This will be an amazing new web feature that allows everyone to see the piglets full family history, profile and will give full pedigree information.  This will bring whole a new level to breeding, and the importance of pedigree for breeders and will be available from the v2 menu.  This seems to be a very popular option within breedable circles of late, so I’m sure will be very popular.

It seems Brighton Merryman and Propain Electricteeth have been working hard to reduced script time and memory size to record breaking limits which will dramatically improve the overall performance of the piggy which is wonderful news for all Piggy owners.

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