HunnyBunny NewsBreak

Hi everyone 🙂

I am sooooo happy to announce that we are at the edge of releasing V2 (finally lol).

In order to make this upgrade smoother for everyone, please box any EXTRA food that you have in your inventory, autofeeder, etc.. in a prim that has transfer rights. This is very important because it’s the Dev team upgrading the food and we need to be able to send them your boxes. So:

1. Collect all your extra carrots (full unused carrots) that you won’t need in the next 2 days.
2. Create a prim with TRANSFER rights.
3. Name it “Old HB food – YOUR NAME”
4. Place all the carrots in your prim.
5. Send it to Jennyl Jameson or to Hunny Larimore.

Please DO NOT send anything to Doc Bunjie or HunnyBunny Popstar. We will not be able to monitor what is sent to them and they might be lost in transfer.

Allow 24 hours for the upgraded food to come back to you. Please note that we are upgrading your carrots to new carrots. If you wish to become a premium breeder, you will need to buy the HB Cake at the store.

Don’t worry, once the upgrade is over, we will also upgrade all your used carrots too 🙂

Hunny Larimore