Clamables | Update 2.202 + 7 Seas Pier

Clamables now has 7 Seas fishing setup where you have a chance to fish for 3 different never before seen seasonal clams!
It’s time for:

Update 2.202
In order to properly update your clams you must do these following steps in this order.


First you must make sure all yoru clams are updated to version 2.200. The Version 2.202 updater works on a new system and is not able to update any clams that are previous to 2.200. If you have pearls that are older you can keep them at 2.200 or earlier. Just note that if you birth them later you will need to update to version 2.200 first.

In order to update to version 2.202 the only thing you will have to do is place down the updater. Once the updater is placed down it will update all clams in a 10m radius. Any clams not within this radius will not be updated. Once the updater has started its process please leave it out until it messages you stating that there are no more clams in the general area that will need updating.

Our suggestion while updating is to make sure you update all the clams you want to update to Version 2.202 are first at Version 2.200.

Both versions of updaters will be left in the update box and on xstreet so that if you lost your old updater or you need a new one for any reason you will still have the ability to do so.

Also note that once from this point on you will have to update each time. This means when the next version update is released your clams will in fact have to be version 2.202 first in order to update to the next one. We are doing this to make sure everyone is keeping up with their updates. Things will change in time and we want to be 100% sure that noone is missing out or having glitches that will be fixed in future versions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Chiman Fassbinder.

The following updates and fixes have been implimented in V2.202

1. Fixed a glitch where uniques wouldn’t hold their type after being birthed from a laid pearl.

2. Added a visual aspect that will happen when a male and a female clam mate to have a baby.

3. Changed way trading in clams for liters are done. Trade in HUD will no longer work with trading clams that are version 2.200.

4. Mass trader now available for free.

5. Added feature that will summon all your born pearls to one designated area. Will need the summoning object in order for this to work which will be released shortly after update is released.

6. Made some adjustments to the way the new abnormality will function.

7. Fixed a glitch where pearls would have two %’s on the hud and on information status.

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