Market Review | Simply Breedables

During my many travels around SL, I had come across an ever growing Market Place called Simply Breedables.

I sat down and talked with one of the Owners of it, Tarynn Magic. She is very sweet and very helpful with questions that you may have. There are many things you can find in this market, ranging from many different size shops, gardens and stables. Also with the renting of any of these, you get a free offer board spot, and even better she supplies group food for free while they are there. Don’t worry, if you don’t rent you can still find a spot and the free food is still offered (yay for free food )

There are 2 levels of offer boards, the first level is for bunnies and upstairs you will find the Amaretto Horse boards. They also hold voice auctions and coming soon is the silent auctions.

And of course while you are waiting on the auctions to start there are plenty of Bunny Madness Games to try your luck at.


They just opened a breeders area on the ground level. They hold special events like carrot hunts and random giveaways. You will also find a 7 Seas fishing area with customs being added.

This market is a must see : )