Petable Turtles | Glow & Shine

Someone asked me the other day if I knew what the cards meant on the Petable Turtle HUD.  I knew they had something to do with the glow of the turtle but as far as the details, I had no clue.  After asking around, I soon discovered I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know.  I do really enjoy my turtles and feel that I owe it to them to fully understand how they work.  I am pleased to announce that I now know how it works.  Yayyy!  🙂

Petable Turtles are quite lovely looking when they have glow, shine or both.  These breedables have a unique way of determining whether or not a turtle will have glow as well as how strong the glow is.  Each turtle holds a set of five cards when it is born which make up a poker hand.  Of these five cards, two are passed down from the parents; one from each parent.  If you look at the Appearance tab on a Petable HUD, you will see the first two cards a turtle holds.  The rest remain hidden.  You can purchase a ‘reveal card’ item from the Petable points store to show the third card.  I hear there will be a new points item released when the next level is reached on the trader meter which will reveal the fourth card!  The better the poker hand, the higher the turtle’s glow level will be.

Glow levels and corresponding poker hands:

    30% = 2 pair (2 sets of 2 cards of same number)
    40% = 3 of a kind (3 cards of same number)
    50%= straight (5 consecutive numbers regardless of suit)
    60% = flush (any 5 cards of one suit)
    70% = full house (1 pair +  3 of a kind)
    80% = 4 of a kind ( 4 cards of same number)
    90% = Straight flush (5 consecutive cards of one suit)
    100% = Royal flush (10, Jack, Queen, King & Ace of same suit)

As far as shine, the exact secret is unknown and it is a purely genetic trait.  According to the Petable guide, all types of turtles may produce shine. However, it will take alot of trial and error to determine which pairs are most successful.

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