Weekly Round-up | Week 2 September

It’s been another busy week in breedables with more than one update, a new release and further developments in other camps.

Amaretto Horses

I was able to announce the release of the horses to the general public in last weeks news.  That was soon after followed by server issues, trouble birthing and “white” horses.  It seems to have been a busy week for the Amaretto Team as they have been busy assisting buyers with their horses.  I have talked to one or two people that had smooth sailing with their horse purchase,  many others were being visited by the Team to straighten things out and now they have requested for any birthed horses to be sent in, more information in the article below.  Although I am unsure if all of the cry’s for help have been answered it does seem that all is safe and well to purchase your starter packs now (there are already horses up for sale in some advertising groups) and a special appreciation horse has been sent to those that bought their starter packs before the server issues began.

Letter to the Community

Support Ticket System

Binc. Amaretto Info


As I mentioned in the last Weekly Round-Up Bubbies have arrived in SL.  Bubbies are a cute alien breedable developed using the XS open-source scripts.  This week the Orches have arrived also, you can pick up one of the 40 free Special Silver Orch from the main store as a release gift.  The Bubbies can be fed with the seeds the Orch produce and soon crystals will be released which also fit into the system in ways still to be revealed.  The Orch’s consume Space Water Crystals as their source of food.  There was a Bubbie update this week and you will need to go to the store and pick up new transport boxes and crate and uncrate your Bubbies for them to be updated.

Bubbie Store

C&C Creations Grouse

There have been more Special Grouse released this week as well as an update to Version 6.01,  there is now also the opportunity to order your own Specialised Grouse.  The Grouse specials available in the store are often only available for a 24 hour period, so it is really worthwhile being a member of the C&C group to keep informed of specials and the regular contests that are held also.  There is a weekly Photo contest to enter your favourite Grouse picture into and an MM board that gives out prizes of massive food and other practical things that all contribute to keeping the costs of breeding Grouse to a level that makes them fun and not a burden on the pocket.  It should be noted that the recent update has made it necessary to have any sex change machines, body rub or time warp juice you might have updated also, hand them over to Cog Zeplin for this to happen.

Binc. C&C Grouse Info

Clamables Clams

The new special released last weekend was revealed to be the Leafier Clam, a very lovely clam I must say, even the pearl was particularly pretty.  Another update has just been released, 2.202, and it has also been announced that 3 special clams are available at the 7seas fishing hole at the Clamables Store.  I have it from a reliable source that the specials are very easy to catch, so I would hurry down there and give it a go before they work out it out and change the catch difficulty percentage thingy.  There is a new HUD and has been some information released to clarify the Liter system:

1. Mass squisher is used to trade in your clams, it’s the only job it does.
2. CLamables Liters Checker, checks your liters, go figure.
3. Updated hud attached to this notice, will tell you clam info and tell you current liters. Thats all that does.

Binc. Clamables Info


The bears have now been made available in version 1.9, if you don’t have the current version it can be picked up at the Eco-Life sim.  There is also being made available to Beta Testers willing to give a donation of 1000L a Black Bear package with special items, this is the only way you will be able to access the Black Bear during Beta Testing and is a offer with a limited time also.

Binc. Eco-Life Info


The long awaited V2 release occurred this week.  There have been some initial difficulties and I do know that the Limited Edition Easter Bunnies can’t currently be updated.  I would suggest that if you haven’t yet updated your HB’s that you check in the group before going ahead.  They have also requested that all food be sent in to be updated but make sure you keep enough to keep any bunnies going that haven’t been updated.  HB are also looking for a new CSR or two, so if you have experience and interest in HunnyBunny’s check out the group for more information.



Binc. HB Info

Magic Pets Sparrows

The Sparrows were updated to Version 0.32 this week and the limited edition BirthSpirit Sparrow was given out to those that have bought the first Sparrow Starter kits.  I also discovered that 2 BirthSpirit Sparrows can breed another BirthSpirit Sparrow, this is a new discovery for me and one I will have to explore further.

Binc. MP Sparrow Info

MicroPetz Pigs

A teaser about the upcoming Version 2 release was leaked by an unconfirmed source this week.  See Just Teasing for more information.

Binc. MicroPetz Info


The Ozimals Community Meeting was cancelled for this week and will continue this Monday 13th Sept.  The Ozimals Photo contest is about to end, so if you are wanting to enter right now is the time to do it.

Ozimals Photo Contest Ends Sept. 12th! – What is this contest you ask? Well its a photo contest. Sounds easy doesn’t it? All you have to do is start snapping pictures of your bunny loves and you are in the running for ~*ExTraORdinAry!*~ gifts galore! Read on in the notecard that is coming to you shortly to get all the details because the contest is almost over. All entries have to be posted to the Ozimals Flickr group by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 12, but don’t panic! You still have loads and gobs of time to take a winning picture and get it entered! Don’t wait any longer. You know you bunnies were born to be in pictures!

Win Free Eats for a Year!!

Petable Turtles

The Anniversary Party was a great success and looked like alot of fun.  I did manage to pick up the special egg given away but the couple of times I tried to get to the fishing area was informed that the sim was too full lol.  There has been a recent announcement of a Petable Town Meeting due to complaints concerning the Cosmic Turtles.  This will be held Sat Sept 11th 4pm SLT using a group set up specifically for this purpose, Petable Town Hall Discussion.

Cosmic Turtle Information and Meeting

View from the Frontlines

It has been a very difficult week this week, not so much because of anything happening in the breedable world but primarily because I have been having so much trouble with SL.  It is amazing how lagging, crashing and SL difficulties can so quickly take all the fun out of breedables.  Although there have been updates and even fun things happening, due to crashing and inability to tp anywhere most of my time has been taken up clearing eggs to ensure I don’t have too many miscarriages between visits.  I was unable to log on at all last night and had multiple messages from breedables telling me they were unable to lay eggs. 😦  But these are the constants with breedables, the fight for prims vs the desire for more breedables to share our SL with.

On a more enjoyable note the Breedables Inc. team had the chance to get together, minus Kirakah Little sadly as she is having internet issues, and despite the lag we had a good time posing for pictures.  I still plan on posting a very late Introductory post with pictures so everyone can meet the team and learn a little about us.  You may already have noticed that Sadira Edenflower, Dirteh Deeds and our mysterious Breedable Bot have been adding content to our much loved Breedables Blog and you can find out more about our team and where you can support us on the About Us page.  I also have some exciting news I will be revealing soon, so keep an eye out for that.

As I said in my first weekly news round-up, if there is anything I have missed please leave a note in the comments.  I wish I had more to say about fun to be had this weekend, but I’m finding it hard to see past wondering if I can even get on to look after my farm.  I do believe there is a new market opening though, with gifts and prizes!!  I’ll let you discover.