Grab ’em while there hot

So…Tracy im’ed me as I was doing what I do best getting dressed, to check out this cute little store, Bugtussle with these great freebies, cleverly placed as magazine covers. I skaddaled on over here and took a few pictures.

So freakin cute right!

Tracy and I decided to take a picture one with her in one of the Freebie dresses from the shop. Tracy is the queen of shopping finds. She pointed out that there was some really cute furniture sets for 10l.

Tracy being super sweet is modeling one of the lovely freebie dresses.

On Suri:

Dress: Tart

Hair: (Posh)

Shoes: Gos

Socks: Royal Blue

Tights: Sheer

Tatoo Aitui

Skin: Vive9

On Tracy:

Dress: Bugtussle

All other items from: TDR

Hair: Indecent

Skin: Pommy (now closed)

Shape: Pommy (now closed)


2 thoughts on “Grab ’em while there hot

  1. Can I ask why there isn’t any mention of the latest breedables Precious Dragon’s? There’s already a huge community and 15,000+ dragons live on the grid. 🙂

  2. Good Question AquaWolf, quite a few of them live at my place 😉 They were mentioned in the launching Weekly Round up, and apart from that it’s just a matter of time. Of course I’m sure the update will give us yet more to say 🙂 I do love my Precious Dragons.

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