Weekly Round Up | September Week 3

Amaretto Horses

The excitement in the Amaretto camp this week is the beginning of breeding and birthing your very own foal.  There has been the release of a new Breeders Manual Wiki for further information on how to look after the horses and breeding.

Community Questions

Where you can buy Amaretto Horses

Binc. Amaretto Information

C&C Creations Grouse

There is a Grouse Hunt this weekend, which has already started and ends on Sunday.  The C&C store has been given a makeover this week and now has a new Forest theme.

Grouse Newsbreak

Binc. C&C Grouse Information


The 2.0 is Beta Grizzly’s have been released at the Eco-Life community center.  The new fixes are:

  • Less prims ( Now only 18 prims)
  • Animated eyes (Bear trying to learn to close them when asleep)
  • Fun, Depression, Gender issues resolved
  • New user friendly menu
  • New review stats feature
  • Now add spaces for First & Last names as well as select text color.

Previous to this release it has been fine to use the original food, water and toy from the very first release, there is a new a supply box packaged with this bear.  These supplies will only work for version 2.0, anything below 2.0 will no longer work. and need to be thrown away.

Binc. Eco-Life Information


The Update was released in time for last weeks round-up, there have been a few hiccups since and there has been an announcement that the fix for the LE updater will have a 2 week wait as the scriptor is on holidays.  The original Bunny’s and eggs can be successfully updated now and I was able to update all my LE’s except the StPat’s LE bunny, so there is some possibility of updating them.

Race for Rares
Friday, 17 Sep 2010 22:05:26 GMT

Now that the HB species are varied with rares, we have decided to do something big for the first mega rare being the SG bunny (ShiGlow). The first person to have this egg will receive a cake cupcake from us. If the person decides to auction off the egg, HB will offer to the winner a cake cupcake to feed the bunny for a month for free. 😉
Good luck everyone.

It’s there at last

Binc. HB Information

LWT Products

The Bubbies were updated to Version 3 this week and a HUD was added.  The HUD can be accessed via the Bubbies V3 menu and it gives access to supplies needed for use with the Bubbies and Orch.  There are also samples of the upcoming Crystals at the store now, as well as the soon to be released Scrabs which interact with the Orch and eat the coins already being produced by the Bubbies.

Binc. LWT Information

Mystic Creatures Fairies

The Fairies have been officially taken off the vendors and are no longer for sale until the update is completed.  If you see a vendor with starter or breeder kits for sale this simply means the owner hasn’t updated their vendor, and nothing more.  Keep an eye on the group for update announcements.


The 2nd Community meeting was held this week, which sadly I missed due to issues accessing SL.  I have posted the link to Sookie Slafford’s post on this weeks meeting below.  It does seem that Bunnybury is much closer to release which is exciting news.

Weekly Ozimals Meeting

Petable Turtles

The Town Meeting has resulted in some changes to the Cosmic turtles breeding system, making it harder for people to abuse the breeding percentages using alt’s.

Transcript of Petable Turtles Town Meeting

Cosmic Turtle Changes

Pet Peddlers

Exciting news this week with the announcement of the impending closed beta testing of the Pet Peddlers breedable fish.  We’ve got the lake ready and waiting to make a nice home for fishies.

Closed Beta sign-up


A notice was sent this week letting PlantPets owners that the update has been delayed, but the Beta testing for V3 is expected to start soon.

Precious Dragons

There was a new update this week with fixes for some issues that had arisen.  The PD blog also had an interesting post on Dragon Gold, it’s uses and how it can be collected, which is of great interest to anyone breeding dragons.  There has also been a new Queen released, the Aqua Queen, which brings us to the potential of having at least 5 degrees of Queens working hard for breeders.

Update Release

View from the Frontlines

Well my SL issues came to a head this week with a total inability to access viewer 2, with it freezing on launch, I was forced to download the old viewer.  Which was a very traumatic situation and has left me wondering why people complain about Viewer 2 so much.  It rocks compared to the old viewer!

SL problems seem to reflect or perhaps explain what seems to be happening in breedables at the moment, there seem to be many things happening, but nothing is quite running, well smoothly.  I was told SL slows down over the US Summer and while that never did seem to happen as far as I was concerned, things seem to have slowed down now the season has changed, will certainly when it comes to selling breedables.  Now I will admit I am not a very good saleswoman and do it more for need than want.  I am just happy to introduce someone to a new breedable or hope that if I put something up for sale, it will be what someone is looking for.  But I must admit I haven’t sold anything for weeks now.  Ozimal bunnies were always a certainty for a few sales, but even they have become impossible to sell of late.  Sadly Sweet Serenity Market closed last week, due to an inability to support itself and many markets seem to be very quiet in general.  While things are in a slump at the moment I have no doubt they will pick up again.  It can be a difficult time for the breedables markets as new breedables are being established and working through the teething stages.

I have been busy moving this week, and while the urgency of moving breedables can take a bit of the fun out of it, getting to reassess their living environments and my own goals and plans for them I find very enjoyable.  It also gives me lots more thoughts on each of the individual breedables and their success in the greater scheme of things.  Oh and plans for blogging lol, well that’s enough raving on.  🙂