Suri does Amaretto Breedable horses

Prologue to post
Okay so I met Miss Tracy Sparrowtree a few months ago, when we were both blogging for The Chicken Diaries.  When we met it felt like the star’s aligned, I proposed to her, or maybe she proposed friendship to me.  Point being is that I heart Tracy, though we may act a bit like cousins who live on different continents.  So while working on The Chicken Diaries, I signed up to do a story on Equine Fashion, it involved shopping so I was beyond stoked.  I shopped for a few days took a few pics, and was pretty happy.  I also pointed out in that post how happy I was about the upcoming Amaretto Horses release.  So it made a whole lotta sense, that I get a few horses and talk about the experience.  Keep in mind I am not Kira or Tracy, so the facts will probably wrong, the research is sure to be somewhat half assed, and there is going to be a whole lot of screwing up on my part involved.
My Amaretto Diary
August 31st, 2010.

Dear Diary,

I have been bombarded all day by the Amaretto Breedables chat room. Everywhere I went the chatter played in one of my IM boxes.  Release date…September, 1st 2010. I should have been more excited since I and other breedable heads have been waiting for the release date, but due to the release date not being today, it seems really far away.  What can I do while waiting for the horses, shopping sounds good to me.

September 1st, 2010

Dear Diary,

Well the release date is here.  Bombarded by notices about some type of rezz issues screaming Error Error Will Robinson.  Essentially some type of techno thingamajing was causes horses to rezz crazy.  I didn’t understand shit, but don’t bother rezzing or buying horses at the moment, because YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD NOT TO.  Thank God they didn’t send a note card because then I would have been like, should I read it, nahhh delete it is.

September 2nd, 2010

Dear Diary,

DO NOT REZZ notice sent repeatedly.  Hmmm, better buy a barn for the horsies, just because I live on mainland, does not mean my horsies shall want for luxury.  Bought Barn.  Im’ed Tracy about non-Rezzing issue.  Tracy was supportive, but I think she was like go have your hand-held by someone else.  I told her I would give her a horse, because she doesn’t have the breedables curse I do.  She reads notecards, and other stuff.

September 3rd, 2010

Dear Diary,

DO NOT REZZ notice still randomly popping up.  Still haven’t bought horsies yet.  Hear in chatter people who have cursed the system and rezzed their horses, who are cute and healthy.  I stand on my sim and damn these people in the rain, fist raised high.  Then I realize that if I had rezzed my horses they would have been totally effed, because that is my luck.  So I took back my damning and went shopping.

September 4th, 2010

Dear Diary,

The Notice come’s in, You may now REZZ, sorry but in my head the voice sounded like Charleston Heston.  Yes I am aware now that I have admitted to hearing voices in my head.  Rezz, Oh Snap, the time has come.  I ran over to the stables and purchase a starter pack.  Can’t write due to lag.  Ahh there is the starter pack, I clicked buy.  Score! I thought to myself maybe I should read some info about the horses, go to the website and stuff.  The website has too many words.  So I open my horsie box, and throw them in the Stable, which to be honest due to it’s mainland location looks quite a bit like hmmm I don’t know a stable in times square.  Unlike Ozimals it doesn’t take an hour, the horses emerge from their little bale’s in like two minutes.  I used to be quite neurotic when waiting for my bunnie’s to be born. I.E. checking every 10 seconds.  Often I thought to myself, why can’t they be birthed like Athena from Zeus’s head; but after watching my horsies spring forth instantaneously I realized how much I missed my birthing neurosis.  I got over it five minutes later when I realized I could now play Zyngo right away.  Oops better rezz food.  Ahh I like how the food is in one object linked together. The Horsies are cute.  I clicked on them, the menu was pretty easy to follow.  I turned off movement and set range.  This would have been the time to read the amaretto horses website information.  Let’s just say I didn’t.  All Starter packs come with 3 females 1 males, in the words of Tracy, “For once the males do all the work.”  If only in real life.  In my pack I birthed, 2 palominos, one red bay, and one painted (my male and the gorgeous horse in the photo at the beginning of the post.)

September 5th, 2010

Dear Diary

The Horsies are growing.  Yay!  Feel like a proud momma, and take a few pics.

September 6th, 2010.

Dear Diary,

Whoop, they are getting bigger and bigger.  Thank God, I was feeling like a mother hen.

September 7th.

Dear Diary,

Looking good horsey poo’s.

September 8-11th.

Dear Diary,

Danh danh danh danh danhh danh danh.  Words come up on screen, Tragedy has struck Suri Yangtz’s mainland ranch.  Horses now grey.  GREY!  I wasn’t on for one day…cries.  So I did what every lazy person does who has issues with a breedable, I IM’ed the group.  “Hello, my horses look quite sickly, anything I can do.”  No response the group goes back to chatting as though my horses on death’s door doesn’t even matter.  I sigh, and then go shopping, I will not file a ticket I say to myself as I head over to *Boon.  The next day, I pose the question again, this time looking to see if there are any CSR’s on at the moment.  No answer.  Begins to wonder to self, if she has become invisible in SL, maybe there is some type of glitch, that no one can see my IM’s.  I IM Tracy, confessing to my sick horsies, she is kind, and understanding.  So not invisible after all.

September 12th, 2010

Dear Diary,

Finally! Someone has heard my cry and answered.  “Suri, go get the medical kit thingie.”  So off I went back to the Amaretto store.  Score card thus far, Tickets 0.Shopping, yes.  I purchased one kit.  Came back, rezzed it, clicked on the consumable menu and was like Hallelujah!  It was definitely a church like moment, you know like when you go to those revivals off of some back road in the south.  So The kit was like 200L, but then I quickly realised, I had to go and get four more kits.  Now I know there are scripting errors etc, and I get it, maybe I should have filed a ticket, but I hate to bother people.  Plus the horsies seem fine now.  I just don’t understand, why I always have anorexic breedables, I tell them to eat their food, it has very little fat; I finally had to remove Equine, a horse fashion magazine, from their stable.  Now things are looking golden.  I guess it has been hard for them to adapt to life in the city.  *Looks off in the distance.

September 13th, 2010

Dear Diary,

They are still alive…Yay!!!

September 14th, 2010

Dear Diary,

I have been listening to the chatter from the Amaretto Group people gushing about babies with this and that coat, and these eyes.  I walk down the hill and look at my horses, hmmm.  I refrain from talking to them about the birds and the bees and say maybe in time.  Tracy who is smart and probably knows four thousands times more about the horses than I do, tells me they don’t breed as easily as the Ozimals.  I nod at her sage wisdom, but don’t want to crowd the horses.

September 15th.

Dear Diary,

Have a dream or nightmare you decide.  In my dream/nightmare, my horsies are crying that I am a horrible owner, who won’t let them run free, who didn’t even take the time to learn about where they came from and their needs.  I woke up whispering glue factory.  (I am a vegan in rl, so this is a joke peoples).  I go to the website.  Brace yourself people… Facts are about to enter this piece.


So…here is a summation of Amaretto Breedables fact.  I stole all of this from the website, yes, I am very clever, but you see I do it for the greater good, for all the people out there, who like me hate reading factual information.


Engage in a prim check
  • A horse is 14 prims, food is 2 prims. ASK YOUR LANDLORD FIRST, or come to Mainland we will show you a good time.  *Shoots Rifle into the air.  Really, I can not stress the importance of getting clearance, because it can really put you in a tight pickle.
  • Also despite the fact that this is SL, horses aren’t cheap and there is commitment involved, do not overextend yourself, because breedables consume, consume and consume.

Okay you have thought all about it and think I heart horsies, head on over to the Amaretto store, or you can also I believe by this point look at the trading forums, or join the group in-world to get info about auctions, sellers etc.  Sometimes it just better to find a seller if you are only buying one horse, since it should be exactly what you want.  Yes I know all about how every mama loves their child, but in this case you can have the exact child you want if you are patient.

Birthing and set up

  • Do not open the Babybundle via edit.  The horsey will die and you will have breedableblood on your hands.  DO CLICK ON THE BUNDLE AND SELECT BIRTH.  Once baby is born you can click on the baby horse and you will see the first blue menu with options (Go Home, Consumables, Send API(some thingamingie for third party viewers, Amaretto Breedables Website, Stats, Update, Wake Up, Riding, and Help).

*Personally I always set my breedables to movement off supposedly it helps with lag and I tend to not lose them.

  • SET Home Position for the horse, if you edit/move your horse reset home position. Script wise it is best in this situation to re-rezz your horse near the food, and not move it by edit over to the food.  You can take a horse into inventory and rezz it somewhere else, the Home Position does not immediately reset.
Once you click on birth, these are the types of horses you may get.
Bay horses (Brown, Red, Copper, Golden)

Painted (Black, Red, Brown, Silver)

Palomino (Golden, Creme, Tan, Silver)

Appaloosa (Black, Brown, Gray, Tan)

*Images of all the breeds listed on the website, just click HERE

Leopard Appaloosa’s (Limited additions) *Not in the Starter Pack

Unicorn (aka one of the charmed horses) *Not in the Starter Pack


You can ride your horse when the foal reaches age 7, haha I said foal, technical talk.  The horse will not grow any more.

  • To ride like the wind, first turn off movement of the horse, then put the horse you would like to ride in your inventory, wear the horse from your inventory like you would hair.  Click on horse once you are in position, you can select the animation you would like as well as adjust the height, so you aren’t running on air.  Now you can reenact the Arwen scene from The Lord of the Rings.

What do you do if your horse becomes unhappy?  Buy a salt lick, or take them for a nice ride.

Breeding/genetics information The horses, just like Ozimals have one hidden trait and one shown trait.  Gem eyes possiblities, which people have already gotten, hidden breeds, which has neither been confirmed or denied by the team, but listening to the chatter in group I would say yes.

  • Horses can breed for 120 days, after that they just become pets, so they are like horsey vampires, that eat hay.  *sings, Who wants to live fore-v-a, in her best Frankie Mercury impression
  • Charmed horses, the text above the bundle will say “Charmed”, having a charmed horse gives you a little better likelihood of having another charmed horse but the horse will have different charmed traits then it’s parents.  Charmed horses are completely random.

*Appreciation coats, evidently they were one of a kind, I am assuming hey don’t pass down the coat, but I could be wrong.

Selling your horses or if you wish to Trade

  • No need to box.  Do a group search IN-WORLD for Amaretto Breedables groups that cater to sellers, auctions etc, or ask in group chat, or post on the forums


Omg I am having a Suri moment, what do I do, the barns on fire etc.  Please file a ticket

*All the actual information was stolen, err… I mean can be found at HERE.


Final word…

Amaretto’s are new, currently mostly larger breeders are snapping up horses.  Some people on the forums are discussing market slump and the whole enterprise was only released a month ago.  I don’t have a head for business, but my thoughts are this.  I know its enticing to sell your breedables, but I think it is important to look at what happens when a market becomes flooded.  It leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.  I for instance, this time around, did just buy a starter pack, and that is all I am buying I will give away horses to friends etc, because I really don’t want to add to the glut of the market, and I don’t want to put myself in a situation, where I need to make money in order to pay for the breedables food.  All I am saying is don’t overextend yourselves, sell because you want to, and have worked hard on your horses genetic line, not because you simply can.  Thank you for listening to my nonsense.  Best of luck out there Breeder’s, keep hope alive, okay I am just going to stop talking.


Horse Happiness


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  1. Hangs her head in shame. I finally caved and bought horses on the weekend. But at least we can go riding together! I got a starter kit and 2 older females, now I have a mare ready to breed and a 1 year old boy. Anyone want to stud for me?

  2. These horses are ugly now that they updated them. & still have SO many problems. & horses are eating faster now that they lowered the prices. Also the customer service is very very horibble. I recommend not getting into these..

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