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The Pet Peddlers first Beta release arrived today.  The main aim of this first testing is genetics and breeding.  There is a possibility of 675 combination’s just within the Beta fish with 5 eye, 5 fin, 3 bubble, 3 breed(of Angelfish) and 3 shade options.  Once the actual release happens there will be many more breeds and possibilities to breed for.  Each Beta Pack came with 6 fish, (3 males and 3 females) 2 fish food tablets, a fish tank and the Beta Info Card.  The fish are 8 prims each and the food is 1 prim.  The fish can live in Linden water but it is not required and you can set a height and radius that they will swim from their home position.

So I rezzed my 3 pink and 3 blue baggies into my fish tank and placed the fish food tablet in the centre of the tank.  The fish will automatically set home at their place of birth or where they are rezzed and to change their home position you must stop the fish and move it then click on home in the menu.  So I was assuming that they were in just the right place and would have the perfect home point, but for some reason the first fish I rezzed drifted off to the side of the tank and down to the ground.  So I rezzed another, the same thing.  The 3rd fish did the same thing again, very strange.  I contacted the group and tried stopping the fish and changing the fish tank I was using from the Custom one made for me, to the generic one given out with the Beta Pack.  Of course when Tethys came to have a look and see if she could help, the fish behaved themselves just fine.  Everything else ran smoothly and the fishies were all as they should be.  Is there something wrong here?  Isn’t this BETA testing?

I birthed 2 types of fish, 5 Emperor Angelfish and one very pretty Gold Flake Angelfish, although there can be different types of bubbles and shades mine where all of normal bubble and standard shade.  The eye options I have seen are Brown, Dark and Light Red, and Grey.  The Fin colours I have are Dark and Light Red, Brown and Grey also.  The fish have a fairly standard menu with the ability to start and stop movement, and turn them phantom to prevent collision.  You can also turn the bubbles on or off and there is a note saying it is a breedable feature so you may want to leave on.  Mmmm I wonder if that means they won’t breed if the bubbles are off, or you will only get normal bubbles if they are turned off when breeding?
According to the “Breedings Left” reading they can breed 16 times, which is quite alot and they also have the option of setting users (this has become a vital option lately) and you can also set your fish to breed with owner only, group or anyone as well as bond and unbond them.  This is a really exciting new option as it means your fish can co-habitat with your friends or partners and breed together if you so wish.

The textures of the fish are very impressive as you can see in the pictures and the movement is also very realistic.  If you are interested in helping out by being a beta tester I believe there are still some spaces to be filled.

I will be awaiting the first breeding and will post more on breeding habits when that happens.


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