Precious Dragons | TOS Update

Precious Dragons updated their terms of service today in light of a recent situation that broke out amongst the PD community.  The updated section states:  “Anyone found exploiting, scamming, griefing, discriminating against, defaming or cheating folks involved in the Precious Dragons™ community or abusing our staff, may also find themselves ‘without’ any dragons. This is not something we will do without justification, but we reserve the right to remove your pets for any reason whatsoever.”

There was a small group of people who recently decided to publish a list of people they felt were selling dragon related items at what they deemed as sub-market prices.  The list was then circulated amongst the PD community and it was suggested to it’s recipients that they not purchase eggs from these people.

This attempt to incite discrimination against these breeders upset many within the PD community as well as the head dragon himself.  You can read the full official blog post here which gives a clear warning  at the end, “It stops now.  Woe to those who choose -not- to stop.”

Those who have spent any time participating in the breedable marketplace soon realize how ruthless people can get when they have dollar signs in their eyes.  It is malicious acts like this that can really suck the fun out of it and cause alot of grief.  Kudos to the Precious Dragons team for stepping in so quickly to handle this situation and to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.