Introducing the Breedables Inc. Team

The closure of TCD a short while ago ended a reputable blogging journey for PacificBlue Hanly and her family and left myself, Kira and Suri at a bit of a loose end.  Certainly it may have been the right time for The Chicken Diaries to close, but breedables in Second Life haven’t missed a beat.  It is with this in mind that Breedables Inc is born.

It’s said everyone has a reason for coming to SL, well I believe everyone has a reason for embracing SL breedables also, whether it be for a little fun, to bring a family atmosphere to their SL, release creative energies or with the thought of making a million linden, breedables have become an everyday part of Second Life for many.  The breedable industry continues to grow and change almost on a daily basis.  It has been like watching a mushroom cloud, rise up, grow, expand and penetrate every area of SL and the people within…. awe inspiring and more than a bit scary.

We all have a story of how we started in breedables and so I will give the Breedables Inc writers a chance to tell their stories.


It was a warm, spring day on Second Life.  The birds were singing, there was a cool breeze blowing across my face and my new friends were gushing about their breedable bunnies.  I scampered off to their adorable little bunny haven and saw the little fur balls hopping around when one my friends squealed about a new nest they had.  We were so excited, we sat there for the whole 60 minutes, anxiously awaiting for the little baby to pop out.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I had two baby bunnies hopping around inside my friend’s pen.  Two grew to 3, 3 grew to 4 and then it was time.  I went and started my own little bunny army haven.  🙂


I got started in breedables purely by accident. I had a friend who wanted a cute lil bunny to have around our nice lil garden, so I went and checked them out. Of course I fell in love with them and bought one for myself.  No idea what I was doing, I kept her as a pet. My friend soon fell in love with her as well and wanted her own, and off shopping we went.  Well during one of my many travels I came across this really cute sim with all sorts of breedables and a sweet person who then introduced me to TCD (The Chicken Diaries).  Then of course to corrupt me more she sold me my first set of cactus (I told her I saw them on my travels and so wanted some).  So from there between my new friend and TCD I now have many, many new breedables and overrun with new babies.


You know, I have had limited experience with Breedables, barring Ozimal bunnies…It all began when I purchased a barn and got completely swept up in making it look like a real working barn. Yes I have a lot of time on my hands. So, I bought a few Ozimal bunnies, two warren pairs, because I thought they were cute, not because of the breedable aspect. I slowly got hooked, once I joined the forums, and began to understand more about the breeding process. All in all it was definitely a learning experience, and having breedable animals, allowed me to experience something that I had yet to experience in SL, creation. Though I have left my bunnies behind, I am still open to other Breedables in Second Life, I am so psyched for the Amaretto Horses release, and plan on getting one or two.


I discovered breedables early in my SL when a friend bought me a PlantPet as a gift.  I soon after discovered HunnyBunny’s via some type of flukey accident and my interest in SL Breedables soon became a fascination and is now a passion.  All took a turn when one morning I woke up with the thought of starting a blog just because I wanted to show off the beautiful flower my XS Cactus had made, and instead discovered TCD was looking for bloggers.  I applied and the rest as they say 🙂 is history.  I am enamored with the creativity and genius involved with SL breedables and am so grateful for the wonderful people I have met and friendships I have made because of my involvement with the breedables community.

At the moment each member of the team has loosely assigned breedables, although we are all flexible and will help each other out.  Dirteh is looking after Petable Turtles and Men’s Fashion, Suri is our Fashion Queen and has Amaretto Horses, Sadira is in charge of the Grouse and Market Watch, and I will be looking after Eco-Life and filling in the blanks.  If you have an idea of a story or certain aspect of breedables that you would like to see us cover, please send us an email or comment.