Eco-Life | 2.1 Released

The Grizzly Bear released into beta by Eco-Life moved to version 2.1 this week.  The American Black Bear and Panda Bears have also been made specially available during Beta for those willing to give a donation to Eco-Life.  The Panda’s will also be updated and the Black Bears are newly released.

The new Bears are available at the Eco-Life sim.  There is an optional tether system with the new bears and you can use it to set their range.  It is also a requirement that you set the range of the bears and if they go out of that range, reset it.  This is because there is a new training aspect to this bear, you will now train train the bear to try to stay inside the area you tell it to remember.  You should also see bears begin to play with each other and gain fun from it.  There was a mix up with the toy so make sure you’ve got the latest toy.

The latest Panda was delivered on the 19th, they were being delivered directly, so if you are needing an updated Panda and haven’t received it yet, be sure to contact a Guardian.   You will also recieve a shipment of supplies to care for your panda and it is suggested you name your Panda.  No doubt this will make it easier to keep track of.

The Black Bear was released around the 20th.  Isn’t he sweet!?!

As I nosied around recently I found the Guardians working on a secret project, seems there is a possibility they will be releasing an interactive HUD that you will be able to load your pets into for on the go care, like a Hud day care.  I was able to get a glimpse at a test run and the picture below is what it looks like at the moment.  The Guardians at Eco-Life are always innovating things though so who knows what the final result will be for this concept.  There are very interesting possibilities.

Don’t forget that although the bears are cute and fun, this is Beta so make sure you give plenty of feedback in the Eco-Life Official Group.  Guardian Kitala has been sick recently and is still recovering, so make sure you give him a get well soon when you see him inworld. 🙂