C & C – Grouse Update

New releases and more fun to be had with C & C.

Yes you heard me right, new releases….

First we have the new sampler pack out….and omg, it is one of the best packs that has been put out yet.

This pack contains 2 eggs, 2 live grouse, 2 food bowls,  1 nuclear food bowl, a time warp, a home location and a box of 1 & 3 prims eggs cups and packing crates. O.O   Yes all this for FREE, so hurry up and grab your box from the C & C main store.

The next new thing is the 1 prim egg cup, yes you heard me a 1 prim egg cup….YAY!!!  So while your at the store grabbing the new Sample Pack, also grab up some of the new cups. You can also still get the 3 prim egg cup.

The Store also has a new look. Cog has done a wonderful job in making the place so comfortable. There are lots of things to see and do there now….you might even find me sitting at my desk fishing : )

Here are some of the things you can find while fishing there. The Pirate Grouse (Shown on the right) is a beautiful egg that you have to assemble to receive.  Just catch all the parts and put it together, but make sure you are in one of the Official C & C fishing spots to receive your Pirate Egg.

C & C Main Store

Jungle Island

Far Q Farms

So when you make it to C & C to fish, or just visit with other members. Take a look around, there are plenty of things to slap, grab and enter for while you are there. Who can resist FREE things… YAY  for free : )