Amaretto Horses | My SL Horses

The pedigree and sales website for Amaretto breedable horses is now up and running. My SL Horses has a direct server link for accurate information on your horses plus a personalised sales page.  It is all automatic with no scanners required to import your horse info.  The website will track your breeding stock, and bundles produced by breeding.  Using this site is said to save time and make your selling and breeding tracking much easier, with a direct connection with the Amaretto Breedable Horses server, this pioneering website is an innovative breeding database and intergrated in-world sales tool for all horse lovers.  Once you have paid and set up your account, log in and you will find your horses will automatically be imported for you!!

So go and check it out and if you have experience with the site, please comment on how you are finding it.  We will do a further review at a later date (after I have the chance to check it out personally).
List of In-World Vendors for starting your account.