Pet Peddlers | Upcoming Beta

The first round of beta has finished on a high note for Pet Peddlers fish.  It was a very smooth beta from my experience, which was a pleasant surprise for Fisher Mode the creator of SL’s first breedable fish.  I did have to go away half way through, but was informed that there were very few issues all up.  The first fish were limited in breeding and food for the first beta will be shut down tomorrow, while preparations are made for the next round which will be open beta.  It is expected to start within a week and the kits will be available at the Pet Peddlers store.

I have a teaser for you, of one of the new fish available in the Open Beta.  This means it is open to anyone, so I suggest you join the Pet Peddlers group and keep an eye out for the open beta release.  Isn’t she a catch?

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