Wildwood Breedables | Kitties ^^

Mika Deluxe from Wildwood Breedables contacted me today with some information about the upcoming Kitties and some very exciting pictures!!! yaya!  Ready to fall in Love?

Currently the Wildwood staff would like to announce Wildwood Kitties! Breedable cats for the feline lovers in all of us!

Wildwood Kitties is the first project of “Wildwood Breedables” a new company submerging from the depths of SL breedable producers. We will be exploring different types of features and making various exciting breedable animals for people to enjoy. The kitty project completion is based off of percentages, currently it is at 52% and we are working hard on scriptwork and more texture designs. There is sure to be plenty of surprises when people start to get into our kitty breedable game!

There is no release date or beta information yet, keep an eye on the website for further information, all updated news will be posted on the front page.  They are certainly looking very exciting so far, with lovely textures and the picture below gives an idea of the growth, so sweet.

Wildwood Breedables Website (updated with pictures of the Cats)


Wildwood Forest (still under construction)

Join the Wildwood Breedables group to keep up to date with the beta release and more information on the cats.


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