Krazy Kittys???!!!

It seems the race to release SL’s first breedable cat is on.  After our recent teaser on Wildwood Breedables Cat, I logged on today to find an announcement for the upcoming Beta of Krazy Kitty’s.  They are super cute Kitten breedables which grow from a baby to full size in 7 days, and will then be ready to mate.  I am sharing below the information I was given.

Krazy Kittys are pleased announce the arrival of the first breedable Kittens in Second Life. Krazy Kittys begin their open Beta test this Saturday 9th October 2010.

Krazy Kittys are adorable, breedable Kitten Pets, they have cat like movements and the Krazy Kitty scripting team has worked hard to give Krazy Kittys their own kitten like personalities.

The Krazy Kitty breeding system is simple to understand and is great for professional breeders and home pet keepers alike. There are already 10 breeds in the system with variations within each breed, giving a total of 70 variations at launch,  the system includes Rare and Ultra Rare variations, and we will be adding further breeds on a regular basis.

The Beta test is open to all, although we ask that all testers join the group ‘Krazy Kittys – Breedable Pets – Beta’ , there is a one off joining fee of L$100, which we hope will prevent Alt account entries.
All testers will receive a FREE Krazy Kitty Starter Pack, which includes a breeding pair of Krazy Kittys and all the necessary supplies to get started, further supplies will be available at specially discounted rates for the duration of the Beta period. Our store landmark will be released Fri 9th October, as we are still putting the final touches to construction.

So only a few days till the first Kitty Beta!  Time to clean up some prims and get ready for another exciting Beta Testing.  If you would like any further information please join the Krazy Kitty Beta Group inworld.

Krazy Kitties is on Flickr