LWT Prod | NEW Crystals & Reward Points

The new addition to the Bubbies Ecosystem has now been released.  The Crystals are similar to the XS Cactus with LWT’s special twist.  There are levels and the ability to feed the other breedables in the eco-system.   There are also some interesting original components.

CRYSTALS come from the Bubbie home planet, they are the holders of knowledge and energy.  They are alive and use a teleportation to move across the universe.  They support all living beings from the Bubbies home planet.  They use neutrinos emiter, and they need radiation to live.  They will breed every two days for normal crystals, specials take longer to transmit their knowledge and so to create other special crystals.  They reach their adult size after two days but some crystals have deep roots, they are bigger than they  seem.

There are two ways to feed a crystal, using a neutrino Emiter normal, it will be necessary to click on each crystal to feed them, or either use a neutrino Emiter premium which greatly simplifies things.  With premium, simply click on the Emiter to feed all the crystals that are within a perimeter of 20 meters around.After two days they are ready to make a seed which are beamed and put into a bag.  Except for specials that will take 5 days to make a seed.  Specialists can make a seed level 1 or another special crystal.  When the crystals are ready to give you a seed, a seed alert will rezz  and they send you an alert message.  Then click on the crystal to receive your seed bagged.  WARNING! IF YOU DO NOT CLICK ON THE CRYSTAL, IT WILL NOT GIVE YOU NEW SEEDS UNTIL YOU CLICK ON IT.  So they require your full attention …
All crystals just begin with a level of neutrinos at 50% when they are hatched.  So you can wait to irradiate them, or you can put their level to 100% if you want to.  There is the possibility sometimes that the crystals will not give a seed, the crystals can be fussy.

Different levels

Level 1 : common level    (they can give food for orchs !!!! they are the only one to give food for orchs)
Level 2 : uncommon level    (they can give food for bubbies !!! they are the only one to give food for bubbies)
Level 3 : rare level
level 4 : ultra rare level
level 5 : super ultra rare (it’s very hard to have a level 5)
Special : ultra rare level

You can have level 5 (if you are lucky) with any of the levels.

Reward Point System is working now, with a new HUD.  Each time you buy an item on the main Bubbie world vendors, you will earn points to get free special items.  I haven’t had the opportunity to find out more about the special items but am looking forward to seeing them soon.