Weekly Round-Up | October Week 1

It really isn’t fair to call this the ‘weekly’ round-up as it has been a fortnight actually, and there has been so much news it almost seems a mute point to post this at all…. but the show must go on so here is a run down of some of the breedables news over the last couple of weeks.

Amaretto Horses

The horses continue to go strong and it is said they are the only breedable selling at the moment.  There have been some general issues and there was announcement recently that when the first Silver and Black Mustangs were being birthed there was a small miss alignment in the mane and tail textures.  For the few that have this issue it will be fixed with the next update or if the horse goes in for fixing for any other issues.  There have been some issues with people trying to exploit the horses by selling broken or tampered with bundles or horses, so please insure you are able to access the menu before spending your hard earned L’s.  The main store is being moved to it’s own Sim at the moment, so keep an eye out for the new LM, the forum is also down for maintenance and it will be announced when this is back up and running.

Suri’s Horsey Heaven

Pedigree Website Open

New Store SLurl

C&C Grouse

There has been much Grouse activity over the last couple of weeks.  The old Affiliate vendors are no longer relevant, so make sure you pick up new ones in the store.  There has been a change in prims with the Grouse now down to 5 prims, all Grouse purchased from vendors will be the new 5 prim Grouse.    There has been the development of a 1 prim egg cup to help save on prims and there was also talk of a system to exchange dead eggs or Grouse, but I’m not sure if that has been released yet.  As well as new Grouse Specials, including our own special Binc Grouse.

Pirate Grouse

Grouse Update

Binc Grouse


The Halloween Clams will be born over the 3 days before and til midnight of Halloween rather than at the beginning of the month which has become the usual.  There has been a thread created on the forums concerning suggestions for future breeding development so if you are a Clam breeder please go and have some input.  The food has been updated as there were some reports that the range was reverting back to the default “3” range.  Old food will work just like it always has.  You will notice a difference with the new food, the description field having “1000 Owner 3”.  Clamables have a new Pearl Gatherer available for 25 liters using the HUD point system which I discovered at the store, not sure how long it’s been around but it’s the first time I’ve noticed it so I thought I would mention it.

Breeding Suggestions


There is a new compost available V1.7 compost (10×10) is available at for 200L for a limited time, it has an increase in fertility when using the fertiliser compared to the V1.6 and takes longer for water to be used up.  To make your life easier, and after many requests, Essex has made a Sprinkler for the Tulip compost that is under final product testing.  It should be out shortly. There is a new Main store Location and the EcoGen Snails will be re-released soon.

EcoGen Newsbreak

New Main Store


The bears are continuing to move through Beta with changes ongoing.  The Black Bear and Panda are now released and updated also.  Version 2.3 is expected to be released in the next couple of days.

2.1 release and HUD?


The HB’s have been updated to V2 with a wait on the updating of the LE bunnies.  Contact Jennyl Jameson if you are needing V1 food for bunnies that can’t yet be updated.  There has been a change of food for the Chocolate Easter Bunnies, which I discovered to late.  Special and rare bunnies have started to show up on the grid with the first Gold Bunny’s arrival.  Carley Fall was the first to get a ShiGlow bunny, winning a food cake.

LWT Products

There was a notice reminding Bubbie breeders that they can pick up the money that the Bubbies drop and put it straight into inventory, this money will be used with the Scrabs and works like all Bubbie and Orch food.  A secret was also shared that you can get more money by boxing and unboxing your Bubbies.  Crystals have been released with more than 40 different crystals in 5 levels.  There was an update for the Bubbie to v0.31 and Orch to v0.3.  All updates are done by boxing and unboxing the LWT breedable.  The Crystal Bubbie was released as a special and the rewards points system is now up and running.  The store has been given a new look and the rewards points items are out, these include special Bubbies, large food servings for all 3 current breedables, and sex changer and fast grower for both Bubbies and Orch.  The rewards points needed range from 60 to 200 for the large food and rewards can be gathered from purchases from the vendors, so make sure you go and pick up a HUD from the store before making your next purchase.


Crystals and Rewards Points

MP Sparrows

The last BirthSpirit has been given out now and has officially retired from the Magic Pets Sparrows, this means that any BirthSpirit’s you have are a rare Sparrow indeed.  There is an Egg Catcher to help with egg collection, it can be found at the store for 50L.  There is also a new one prim Egg Holder for people who want to use less prims and the Autumn Special for free.  The Sparrows have recently been updated to V0.34.

Update and Autumn Special


The V2 update has been released, which bring major changes to the piggies.  Some people have experienced issues with Age and Sizes after the update and the updater is now missing from the store.  After this update there will be automatic updates and it is suggested you let your piggies use up their food before updating as the update will require use of new food.  There is a new sim and a new logo to go along with the new version and for the next 7 days the new containers which will be needed are free in the store (well when I went they were 10L but I was told they would be free by Propain himself, so feel free to request your 10L or so back).

New Store

Mystic Creatures

The Mystic Creatures Fairies are continuing with beta.  I have been involved with the current beta testing and it is lots of fun as the fairies are on fast forward.  At the pace the bugs are being sorted it seems hopeful that they will be back in open release shortly, meanwhile there is lots to see at the store.

Mystic Creatures Store


Ozimals recently had an update, it was mandatory, but not updating will prevent your current bunnies from breeding with any newly released bunnies, which contain the new genetics released from the update.  I personally didn’t get around to updating, and although my food keeps sending me update spam, my bunnies are fine.

Ozimals Update

Petable Turtles

The new Fall Egg has been released as well as the latest points item, the fourth card reveal.

New Point Item Release

Fall Egg

Pet Peddlers

Closed Beta is now over and any current fish need to be deleted.  Open beta is expected to start soon.  The update system has been tested and is working fine, that will be part of the next beta experience.   There has been a request for feedback from anyone involved with the beta so please comment on the forum.

Beta Begins

Upcoming Open Beta

Feedback Thread on Forum


There is a new PlantPets team member Macey Kiama has joined Dreven Spitteler and Creator, Bruce Leibknecht as part of the PlantPets customer support team.  V3 is still in development.

Precious Dragons

Hud Bug (Shine doesn’t display)
Saturday, 09 Oct 2010 18:07:43 GMT

UPDATE:  We’ve discovered a SMALL caveat with releasing the new queen – SHINE does not display on the HUD properly (all dragons are showing as ‘NO Shine’).  We will be fixing this in a soon to be released update.  Look for additional news on this on the blog.  Suffice to say the Breast Cancer Awareness Queen DOES have 30% glow with LOW Shine.

TOS Update

Good News

Boobie Queen and PD Blog with Pic

Wildwood Breedables

Well the Kitty race is on with me first discovering a Wildwood Breedables stall.  There has been a great deal of interest with it being our highest viewed post in the life of the blog.  Wildwood Breedables have opened up a sim called Wildwood Forest which you are welcome to explore.  Kitty progress is shown on the website and is currently up to 52%.  There has been some confusion between Wildwood Kitty’s and Krazy Kitties, but as you can see they look very different and I’m sure there will be many other differences in the gameplay also.

What is this I’ve found?

Kitty Info

New Forum

View from the Frontlines

Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks.  I had internet access issues and spent the time I was on SL trying not to crash, but still look after breedables, while my prepaid connection flickered madly.  I finally managed to get an introduction to the Breedables Inc. team posted, which was a relief, but I really spent most of my time in limbo, feeling like I was achieving very little.  Isn’t  it amazing how important a little thing like a modem can be.

Krazy Kitties are the new breedable on the block this week.  I felt very embarrissed yesterday as I managed to kill my beta Krazy Kitties in about 2 seconds flat by opening the box wrong.  It never ceases to amaze me how most every breedable manages to have unique qualities that require another learning curve, lol.  Not that the Krazy Kitties team weren’t thorough in their explanations it’s just I didn’t read it all the way I should have and you would think I of all people would know better.

Krazy Kitties

Team Introduction