Precious Dragons | Update and Mysterious Announcement


There is a new update out now for your Dragons, this will bring them up to version 10101001.  It will prepare for the upcoming Trade-In System, said to be released very soon. Yay!  There are also serveral bug fixes included.  This update also includes a new HUD update which fixes the display of ‘Shine’ on your Dragon Huds and also the bug which where if you kept your HUD on and logged out when you logged in again there was black hover text floating under the minimized HUD.  You will need the new updater, new HUD and new homepoints.

After the announcement of the update there was another more mysterious announcement.

Additional News regarding Update v10101001
Monday, 11 Oct 2010 05:02:04 GMT

Well… it would seem I made a -tiny- mistake in the genetics coding for the Dragon Updater….

I accidentally included some genetic code from one of my Horticultural experiments in the Dragon Genetic Matrix.  I was working with Pumpkins you see… and I guess I made an entry into the Dragon Genetics that had to do with that…  I don’t think it will have an effect as the Dragon Genetics are pretty dominant… but you never know.

If anyone notices anything unusual please be sure to let us know.

Please read the PD blog for more information on the update.

Update Release

Additional News