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The very first breedable cat made it onto the grid this week.  Of all the breedables available for some reason the most obvious, cats and dogs, have remained missing.  Well no longer, Krazy Kitties are here.  The closed Beta was available to the first 500 people willing to pay 100L to join the Beta group and go and pick up the ‘free’ starter pack.  There are 3 initial breeds available which are Himmy, Chanty and Sibby, these are the Level 1 Krazy Kittys.  Each breed has 6 possible colours and a rarer ‘Natural”.  There will be different Kitty breeds available in each level, but the higher levels can only be obtained through breeding (or buying of course).  A Krazy Kitty can only mate with another Krazy Kitty from the same Level, although they may be from different breeds.  At the moment there are 10 breeds in 3 different levels giving a possibility of 70 different variations, there is the promise of further breeds being added on a regular basis.

Krazy Kittys Starter Pack contains:

1 Male Level 1 Krazy Kitty
1 Female Level 1 Krazy Kitty
1 Large Bowl of Milk
1 Kitty toy (1 toy last 2 weeks for unlimited Kittys)
1 Krazy Kitty Bed (Home)

The Krazy Kittys come in a box which must be clicked on to open, this releases the Kitty, wrapped in a little blanket, which you then wake up.  They are homed to their basket and will go there to sleep when commanded.  Up to 6 Krazy Kittys can be homed to one bed and they must have a bed in order to stay healthy.  The toy must be kept close to the bed as this will keep your Krazy Kitty happy and playful.  The milk bowl is the Kittys food source and will allow it to eat and get the nutrients it needs to stay in good health.

Krazy Kittys require 4 essential care activities each day in order to stay in ‘Good’ health, these are Eating, Playing, Petting and Sleeping.  Krazy Kittys can only mate and get pregnant when in ‘Good’ or ‘Superb’ health.  One of the cutest things about the Kittys is you can pet them by right clicking on your Krazy Kitty and selecting ‘Pet’ this initiates a movement where your avi will walk up to the Kitty, bend over and pet it.  This adds to the Kittys Care Points.  Putting your Kitty to sleep will also do this and is achieved by a simply click and selecting “sleep” from the menu, this will lead to your Kitty going to it’s bed and lying down in a similar position to it in the blanket below.

Your Krazy Kittys will grow every day until they reach full size at around 7 days old, at this stage they are ready for breeding but they will only breed if in good health.  Providing Katnip for your Krazy Kitty will allow it to achieve ‘Superb’ health, which gives it a greater chance of giving birth to rare ‘Naturals’, special ultra rares and bigger litters.  Krazy Kitties collect points which will advantage their breeding.  A female gains a breeding point for each baby she births (a litter may have up to 4 kittens) and a male gets a point each time he mates and gets a female pregnant.  When a female reaches 10 breeding points she may birth a mixed litter which could include babies from a breed in the 2nd level, she will keep having a mixed litter until she reaches 20 breeding points and then may birth kittens from the 3rd level.  A males breeding points increase his frequency of mating, to begin with they can mate once a week, after they have earned 3 points they can mate with 2 females a week, 9 points means 3 matings a week and after they have earned 18 points a male can breed 4 times a week.  Both Males and Females will die after earning 30 points, they can be kept alive if they stay under 30 Breeding Points and continued to be cared for.  A female Krazy Kitty can mate and get pregnant once per week, a litter will be born 24-48 hours after mating and the babies are usually the same breed as one of the parents.

There are rare and ultra rare Krazy Kittys these have ‘Natural’ colouring, although a female Krazy Kitty with ‘Good’ health can give birth to a ‘Natural’, this is more likely to happen if both parents are in ‘Superb’ health, which is achieved by feeding them catnip.  Ultra rare Kitty’s are a bit more unexpected and Krazy Kittys from higher Breeding Levels are also considered rarer because of the time required get to those levels.

It is recommend the you do not house your kittys near edges of sims or on mega prims, and they can be affected by high lag areas.

Krazy Kittys can’t be taken straight into inventory, it will kill them, they must first be packaged in a Carrier Box.  These are now being given out to Beta Testers for moving their kittys, you can pick them up at the store but they are limited to 2 boxes per Beta Tester, per week in case you need to move them.

The Kittys are very energetic and animated and great fun to watch.  They are super cute and have some very endearing features.  I think they will make wonderful house pets as well as the breeding potential.

The Krazy Kitty Sim is now open and with a great deal of information available for perusal it is well worth checking out.  The sim is shaped like the Krazy Kitty face logo, which is so sweet.  You will find huge examples of the different breeds as well as signs that will make even those needing large print happy.  The 500 spots for the beta have now been filled and Krazy Kitties are not to be mistaken for Wildwood Breedable Kitties, which are still on their way.

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