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Pet Peddlers released their breedable fish into Open Beta today.  Open beta has 29 varieties of fish that will be with an update next week to release the remaining fish that will be in the full release along with all eyes, shades, fins and bubbles except for specials, they will be saved for the future full release.  The new fish come in a variety of sizes, with the Koi the largest so far.   The Beta packs come with 2 male and 2 female baby bags, and enough food for 1 month for 6 fish.  More food will be placed out at the store at a later date.  There will be approx. 50 fish breeds, 20 eyes and fins, 10 bubbles and 4 shades expected at the moment.

The fish are running at normal speed for this Beta and this means growth will take the full 7 days.  At age 7 they will start to build love, which takes around 2 day to build and then have a baby.  The fish are meant to be awake 16 hours a day and rest for 8 hours and during resting the fish do not eat or build love.  Baby bags birth immediately and Fisher Mode has put a nifty ability for the bag to do a prim check before it births and if you do not have over 25 prims available the baby will not birth, instead a warning message will be sent.  Hunger and food are running at normal speed and in case you are wondering, babies are born with 15% energy and 0% hunger, but don’t wait to long to put food out.  The food comes in the form of a fish food tablet which will be able to feed 1 fish for 30 days.
If you are interested in being involved with the Pet Peddlers open beta a pack can be picked up at the Main Store, these are free, but include the commitment to report and bugs or anomolies you may observe in the fish.  There is a Open Beta are in the Pet Peddlers forums to report bugs or make comments.  The Open Beta will last as long as is needed to work out any bugs found but I believe the team is hoping for a full release in early November.

My Thoughts on the fish?  They are very impressive in appearance and movement and I am very excited about the final release.  The new beta has a white ring around the eye that makes them look a little creepy, but that might just be my opinion.  The closed beta went extremely smoothly and although there was an initial bug found that meant the recall of beta, a quick fix and rerelease, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the open beta went equally as well.  Having said that please consider the commitment of Beta, I would never encourage anyone to get involved with Beta testing lightly.

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