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MicroPetz has released the new V2 Piggy update.  This is a major update which has changed the look as well as function of the piggys and introduces a load new skins.  They will also require new food and food dispensers once you have completed updating them.  The new dispensers are being sold at a lower price for the first 7 days after the updates release.  You will also find yourself booted (made me wonder what I’d done wrong) from the MicroPetz groups as they have formed a new group called MicroPetz Trading/News, have now released affiliate vendors and even have a new logo!  MicroPetz has had a whole makeover it seems, oh and did I mention they’ve moved?

There were a few initial hiccups with the updater, but the current release is running fine.  Don’t forget your piggys must have been updated to v1.7 or above to be able to be updated without assistance (which means you need to give Brighton Merryman or Propain Electricteeth a yell if your piggys are below v1.7).  If you have issues from a previous update or need an exchange of food you can also contact Brighton or Propain.  Affiliate packs and updaters are available at the (new) main store.

Keep in mind that you may need to re-rezz your piglet and wait up to an hour for changes if your piglet is senior or not micro size.  All settings will be restored within the hour.

I managed to pick Propain’s brains a bit and this is some of the info he gave me 🙂

Breeding has been changed and upgraded completely with one of the most complete genetics breeding systems in SL.  The performance of v2 piggy has been dramatically improved with lots more features overall.

– Add full family tree/history/pig profile
– Improved eyes design
– Added Time left in cooldown feature
– Reduced 22 scripts (1024kb memory) to 5 scripts (300kb memory)
– Changed breeding to 100% genetic
– Added inbreed and mixbreed to genetics
– Added over 50 new skins
– Added set web image feature
– Fixed walking bugs
– Fixed white skin bugs
– Changed access and added owner options for sharing
– Low prim dispensers
– Sharable dispensers
– On/Off Hovertext for dispensers
– Lowered cleaning time
– Improved eating and scalability
– Added feeding/diet history
– Added save settings for re rez
– Fixed home position bug
– Auto walking after sleep (if enabled)
– Fixed addon bugs in laggy sims
– Changed all attributed to web server
– Fixed bug for rezzing pig while sleep
– Changed some listeners where it was required to command more than once
– Reduced lag over 60%
– Fully automatic updates added – gridwide
– Changed low, medium diets – All eat at 0%
– Removed resting sleep
– Fixed breaking relationship
– Removed breaking relationship bond penalty
– Changed walking and movement
– Added hovertext colors
– Fixed animations

There are several other changes which will become clear once updated (I think he meant the even cuter new appearance with new eye and fur look).  There is now complete documentation and support via the website.  This will clearly explain the whole new breeding system, skins and trait levels and has a knowledge base.  Wooo there are alot of new aspects to the little piggies now.  As you will see on the website there are now 11 eye colours, 4 ear types and 13 different coat colours in each tier.

MicroPetz Piggy Traits, Breeds, Furs and Tier Levels

MicroPetz Store (new)


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  1. The pigs are adorable. But some of mine keep vanishing, the food jumped so high in price i am thinking of deleting my pig stock. Please think of lowering the prices of your food as 1000 is not a great number for a bag of special food!!!

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