Mystic Creatures | Beta Fairies

Common Blue Mystic Fairy with Stats shown.

There are Glitter Fairies in various colours.

Rare Elemental and Seasonal Fairies.

Glitter Fairies are Uncommon, but not Rare.

When the fairy die they will leave behind a crystal which will be able to be swapped for prizes I believe.

The team have been working super hard to get every possible bug out and add alot of improvements in.  Beta is great fun as the Fey are sped up to breed every 15 mins and die in 24 hours.  No there aren’t any spaces left in Beta, but the full release should be soon.  Make sure you join the Mystic Creatures – Breeding Pets Group for notices and questions. Lorissia Fraisse and Dart, joined the team on august 27th and have been working every waking hour available since with the goal of achieving stability first, equal with friendly customer service, and beautiful pets.