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The planets aligned today as I found myself mysteriously arriving in the middle of the Ozimals Bunny Orientation Room.  I had been checking old LM’s and thought I was on my way to silentsparrow, so it was quite a shock to arrive in a blindingly bright room with Bunny posters leaning at odd angles (I love the lime green couch btw).

So seeing as I was there anyway I thought I might as well give it a go.  From the room I landed in there are signs to the starting point and the obvious exit of the Orientation.  There is also a useful board that hands out LM’s to different areas based on questions a beginner might have, like “Where do I find an Update Totem?”  or “Take me to the Ozimals Store”.

The Orientation is filled with gorgeous pictures and menu shots and also has interesting interactive portions.  There are LM’s, relevant and interesting notecards in some of the signs and even useful tools.  The step by step instructions are extremely comprehensive, which is why they are called step by step I suppose.  A big congrats to Flutter Moonwing for all her hard work in setting this up.

The first area covers Bunny First Steps and Setup and the signs are numbered so there is no chance of getting confused or lost.  Some of the other areas covered are Types of Bunny Noms, Bunny Range, Stats, Breeding, Retired Bunnies, the dreaded Hibernation and the not so dreaded Bunnybury.  There are also pictures of the different shades and information on the business end of bunnies like copying your bunny’s id, handling lag and how to submit a support ticket.  There is information on getting more help with your bunnies, the groups to join and a board showing the CSR team members, then it’s back to the beginning.

Well worth having a look at if you are new or old to Ozimals, either way you are guaranteed to come away with something new.  I just had to show you the CSR Teams board because they are such an outstanding looking bunch.  What a great OZ team we have working hard for the bunny’s.

Ozimals Orientation


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