Weekly Round-Up | October Week 2

This week has been a fairly steady week with business as usual for some breedables and a few big changes for others.  For some reason I didn’t get this post at the right time (I think it’s called procrastination), but it turned out to be a good thing because in rather unusual fashion, alot of the news occurred at the end of the weekend instead of the beginning.

C&C Grouse

After a busy couple of months the Grouse have been quiet the last couple of weeks, due to Cog being off his feet.  Make sure you give him something to smile about when you see him next and cheer him up.  I’m sure there will be more grouse fun before long.

Grouse Store

Clamable Clams

There was some exciting news this week with the announcement of a monthly Clam Fair held at the Clamables Sim.  It will be a 3 day event with a first come first serve policy, that means once the announcement is made you can rush down and grab a booth (1 per person).

Clamable Fair

Clamables Sim

Krazy Kittys

Krazy Kittys made it onto TV this week, Metaverse TV that is.  The Kitty’s have just been updated and are now ready to breed for the first time.  I’m sure I will have something to post about that very soon.

Krazy Kitty MetaverseTV Show

Krazy Kittys Beta

LWT Products

The absolutely freaky Halloween crystal was released this week and I say absolutely freaky for a reason, just click on one and you will discover that reason.  Rather disturbing I must say, lol.  The Scrabs joined the ecosystem this week and I have to say they must be the strangest looking breedable yet, not that I’m wanting to give any Scrab a complex or anything.  Bubbie World has been opened and celebrations for luc Walmer’s birthday where held there I believe.  Happy Birthday luc!

The Invasion continues

Binc. Info Page (updated)


The piggies were updated to V2 this week, which is really a major overhaul for this breedable.  There is also the ability to track the pigs lineage through their own special webpage, which can have a picture of the piggy which can be linked via pictures you take in SL.  Do I have you confused? Good.

List of new furs, traits etc

V2 Release

Mystic Creatures

Continuing in Beta, with new fairies and features continuing to be added.  Things are definitely looking up, pardon the pun.  I’m starting to get excited, there are so many pretty fairies coming out in the final release, that I will be having some in my garden for sure.

Better Fairies


There was an announcement this week that Ozimals will be teaming up with Linden Labs to offer Premium members a bunny starter pack with a possible Sparrow eye trait!!  That’s not fair!  I’m not clear on if these packs are freely available, although it seems that way, if they are, it is fair and I will absolutely be buying one.  Ironically with the meager amount of prims available in a linden home, a Premium member will probably only be able to afford the prims for a couch to watch their bunnies from.

Ozimals collaboration with Linden Labs

Community Meetings Records on Forums

Bunny Basics Orientation

Pet Peddlers

The Open Beta has started and is expected to run a bit longer than the closed.  New food has had to be released, so if you are part of the Beta, please ensure you have the latest food and report any issues on the forum.  There are more breeds this time around, including Koi which are large and look lovely.

Open beta started


This announcement was one of the reasons I’m glad the weekly round-up is late.  Bruce from PlantPets is a dear and I know he has been working very hard on the 3.0 release.  If you are a plantpets lover like myself then please offer your assistance in the Beta, so this update can be released as soon as is possible.

3.0 Beta

Precious Dragons

There was a new update released this week and also the announcement that the PD main store has moved.  The store has moved sims, but you won’t have any problems finding what you need as it is all put in the usual places.  There is a rather ominous looking castle next door, which I found intriguing.  I wonder if I could get a tour if I knocked on the door….  Oh there is also suggestions of something to do with pumpkins arriving soon amongst the dragons, so keep an eye out for that.  There were some dragon issues on the grid today, please read the Service Disruption post and put in a ticket if you had any dragon problems during that time.


New Store SLurl

Service Disruption

Wildwood Breedables

There is a new forum with more features, the website is currently showing at 65% ready.  There are also new pictures available, giving a preview of the starter kitties, showing there are 4 different types with 6 coloration’s each.  There are Solids, BiColour, Classic Tabby and TriColour Kitties.

View from the Frontlines

It was announced this week that Linden is increasing the group limit to 40.  I’m sure there will be many people celebrating that decision, myself included, although many an alt will be shaking in their boots now, knowing they are no longer have a purpose 😉

Many thoughts have been wandering through my mind this week.  There is the upcoming excitement of various halloween themed specials, although I must admit I don’t like halloween, especially coming from a country that has nothing to do with it yet it pathetic enough to jump on board the marketing wagon, it’s not like kids don’t get enough lollies and we have plenty of our own awesome celebrations, but anyway.  I do love Special Breedables and I get the feeling there will be alot of pumpkin breedables running around very soon.

The competition and complaining within many breedables circles has been bothering me.  There seems to be a need to justify decisions people have made, by pointing out the flaws in breedables they have either left behind or had no luck with.  I personally think all breedables have their place and many would do much better if peoples reasons for being involved with breedables weren’t so often based on greed.  I am biased of course, everyone is, there is no weakness in admitting our bias there is however in bitching for the sake of it.  I have a soft spot for Plantpets as that was my first breedable which would seem perfectly normal to me, although there alot of people that first became involved right from sionChickens and noone seems to have much of a soft spot for them, lol.  I do actually, I love my Chicky and she never gives me any trouble and loves to push me around the yard, lol.  Anyway, what was I talking about?  I don’t know.  Breedables Rock!!