C & C – Grouse Halloween Fun

Cog has been hard at work on the grouse. He has just released the first of 2 Halloween Grouse. Also while picking up my own new grouse, i overheard of a new possible grouse for the fishing area \o/…will be sure to keep you posted.

This notecard came with the new grouse, please make sure you please read it. Here is a copy of it..

C&C Creations Ghost Grouse

I am releasing this grouse prior to doing an update…. So, if you pack it in the current crates or egg cups, it will loose its Ghost qualities… but it will get them again when you place it into a special Ghost Crate.  You will not have to do this after the next update.

This is the Second Special. its the Halloween Grouse. This special was pre-released during the Grouse Hunt. But Cog has reassured me that this one will be revamped with improvements. And of course you can’t get this beauty until Halloween. So don’t forget to go Trick or Treating on Cogs door that day : )

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