Petable Turtles | Version 2

(Petable notice)

Hey everyone!

I’m very happy to announce that the long-awaited version 2 of turtles has now arrived.
The update process is very simple. This update effects the following things:

* Turtles
* Egg stands
* Turtle boxes
* Wearable
* Freebie kit
* User manual

To update your turtles, go to the Options tab of your HUD, click the “Get Turtle/Egg Updater” button, and rez the updater anywhere on the sim that your turtles are in.  One updater will cover a full sim.  If you have turtles in multiple sims, you will need one updater in each sim.  At this point in the process, you can either wait and all of your turtles will automatically update themselves within an hour, or you can click each of your turtles to update them instantly.  Please remember that when turtles that are set for sale are updated, they are no longer set for sale.  These turtles will need to be re-marked as for sale and re-priced.  Turtles will automatically re-home as they update.

To update your HUD, go to the Options tab of your HUD and click “Get Latest HUD”.  This will send you a version 2 HUD.  The first time that you attach a version 2 HUD, you will be asked if you wish to turn messaging on.  We recommend doing so, as that is how we will be sending future notices, rather than relying on Second Life’s buggy group notice system.  If you wish to turn notices off in the future, go to the Options tab of your new HUD and click “Notice Options”, then choose “Turn Off” from the menu that pops up.

To update your egg stands and turtle boxes, go to the Details tab of your new HUD and click “Get Turtle Box” and “Get Egg Stand”.  All egg stands and turtle boxes are copiable until rezzed in-world, so you only need to get one of each.

To update your wearable, simply attach your old wearable.  An updated version will be sent to you.

To receive the updated freebie kit (which includes the racing permit, the four racing training games, and the racing HUD), go to the Options tab of your new HUD and click “Get Freebie Kit”.

To receive the updated user guide, go to the Options tab of your HUD and click “Get User Guide”.

This update brings in a huge new set of features that were posted here yesterday.  These include:

* Turtle racing!  This has been discussed before somewhat on the blog (
* Race track manager!  This allows you to build your own race tracks, but is the one thing in this update you have to pay L$ for if you want to use it
* Stat training!  Each turtle has 4 different racing stats, which can be trained by playing games
* New bred stats!  Along with the stat training, these stats can be bred as well, which opens up a whole new dimension to breeding
* Revamped HUD with more information!  This has been discussed before somewhat on the blog (
* Our own messaging/notice system!  We won’t have to deal with the bugs in Second Life’s notice system anymore – instead, that (and an archive of past notices) are all built into the HUD
* A fix for the birthstone accessory bug!
* Many other smaller (but no less important) things, and things I can’t mention yet!

The user manuals for racing, stats, and building tracks were sent out to our groups last night and have also been posted on the forums (  These are also all in the updated User Guide that is available via your HUD.

As part of this update, there are three new items for sale on the Petable sim and through all affiliate vendors: the Race Track Managers.  These come in three sizes:

* Small Race Track Manager (L$250) – Can hold tracks up to 25 checkpoints and have 4 turtles per race
* Medium Race Track Manager (L$500) – Can hold tracks up to 75 checkpoints and have 9 turtles per race
* Large Race Track Manager (L$1000) – Can hold tracks up to 250 checkpoints and have 16 turtles per race

These are all nocopy and have only that one-time fee – there is no recurring cost for these.  Checkpoints can be spaced as far apart as you like, so even a small track can be quite long, it just cannot have many turns or elevation changes.

We will be monitoring the server closely during the update process to make sure that nothing goes wrong.  If you do have any issues, please file a support ticket by clicking on “File Support Ticket” on the Options tab of your new HUD or going to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Slurl:   Petable Central