MP Sparrows | Halloween Hunt?

I had some information today that there will be a Hunt announced soon, at the MP Sparrow HQ.  Version 0.35 is coming soon and there is also talk of a 1 prim egg cup being released.  There is a rumor that  release of the update will be accompanied by a Hunt.  There is also some mystery surrounding the once in a lifetime Halloween foodbowl, which will be available.  I’m not sure what it will do to the Sparrows, but it’s sure to be something spooky and it will only be available for 1 day.

I was also given some cryptic information that the Sparrows might be traveling hrm, does that mean they might start flying, or is it just that the store is moving?  We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

There will be more information available at the store on Monday, so keep an eye out for that.