Weekly Round Up | Week 3

It is a short week for news as the last round up was so late.  I’ve decided to give the Breedables in Beta their own heading, so take a look at Beta Beat for the latest info on those.

C&C Creations

The release of 2 Halloween specials, The Ghost Grouse and upcoming Halloween Grouse.

Halloween Fun


Clamable Fair is on this weekend, the booths have already been set up, so go along and see if your perfect clam is there or learn about a new breedable if you haven’t seen them yet.

Clamables Sim


There has been a recent blog post assuring everyone that there is still work happening on the LE update and although things have been quiet, HunnyBunny as a company haven’t left the grid.  Having said that they are up for sale as Hunny Larimore, wishes for someone to take over the project she no longer has the time for due to RL commitments.  So there’s an interesting business opportunity for someone.

Back to the Workshop

Magic Pets

Notice from a couple of days ago:

This morning an issue was brought to the attention of the Magic Pets CSR team that Sparrows were spamming people about not being able to find food. I have conducted some research and found out that the Rolling Restarts that LL have done the last week might have caused an unexpected reset of the Home beacons.

Make sure the food you have out is near the Home beacon so the Sparrows can eat. When you are having issue with them not eating, please send Gather Magic a Notecard.

Halloween Hunt


Micropetz has released more information on the piggy genetics on their website:

Piggy Genetics


Limited edition Halloween food is now available in the store.

Trick or Treat Eats

Petable Turtles

The Super V2 turtles were released with racing capabilities, lol.  I haven’t tried mine yet, but I’m sure they will bring countless hours of amusement.

V2 release!


Mini Update after the Update


There has been a new Plantpet released, the Croton built by leeuwie Shepherd.  Come visit the plantpets main shop to see our new products and the awesome job Lit Oberth did with putting up Halloween decoration. There was also a give away of 10 L$100 gift vouchers to the first 10 people to the store.

Precious Dragons

There were some odd occurrences in the Dragon world this week, due to service disruptions.  More information is given on Mystical Inventor’s blog post:

Regarding Service Disruption Issues

Beta Beat

And now ,,,,,,DOGS!
The Farm is pleased to announce that it will be forming a group for the breedable dogs we have been working on for some time now. We are going to form this group sometime in the next few days. It will be open to join, of course. While we won’t be releasing them for a while, we feel it is important to get you informed, and the group up and running. So watch for that! And further info! (This is going to be fun!!!!!!)

OMG OMG OMG can’t wait for that group invite.

Krazy Kittys

Beta Testers are now fine to grab new Kittys if they have any problems with their original pair.  This is for those that have lost Kittys due to various circumstances, they are already aged to 7 and ready to breed.


Mystic Creatures

Up to test number 24 and the Fairies are getting smoother all the time.

Pet Peddlers

The fish have started breeding now and have gotten really big.  The Peddler team will be taking a few days off due to personal circumstances, our thoughts are with them.

Wildwood Breedables

Have just announced that they will be accepting Beta applications as it is approaching soon.  In an interesting twist you have to apply to be involved in beta, there are questions to answer and not everyone will be excepted.  Don’t IM anyone that  is a waste of time.  There is no closing date for beta applications atm and there will be a notice when it is closing.  Originally they called for applicants to go to the sim to apply, but due to the overwhelming response applications have been sent out via notice and need to be dropped off to the store at your own convenience.

**Update**  There has been an announcement that due to the overwhelming response beta applications will close at 9am SLT Monday October 25th.

View from the Frontlines

What!  Did someone say breedable Dogs?  All my dreams have come true!!  I bet that will be the biggest member group in SL!

Well I seem to be thinking about Breedables from a Beta perspective alot these days, and I must say I’m really glad to hear of Wildwoods methods of collecting Beta Testers.  A friend told me this week how various friends of his that had signed up to do Beta Testing for a new Breedable had all deleted theirs because they were no good.  I don’t get that, umm, well, that’s the whole point of beta testing to help get the Breedable working right, and you can’t judge a Breedable by the initial bugs you see at the beginning of a Beta.  I’m sure most Breedables end up very different to how they start out and it totally unfair to judge a Breedable at such an early stage.  As long as the Breedable and it’s needs are free I don’t see how people can feel they have a right to complain or judge so harshly.  But that’s just my 2 cents worth.