Amaretto Horses | Update to 1.3

There has been an Amaretto update released today.  This update will leave horses reading Version 1.3, pregnant horses are not able to be updated without risking loss of pregnancy.  They are fine to be updated after they have dropped their bundle, and will continue to function fine, so don’t panic.  There is a pleasant plus to updating, which is the wiping of recovery time, that means that any horses in recovery will go straight back to 0% Fervor ready to start building again. 🙂

**IMPORTANT** The updater has been slowed down to work better on laggy sims, so a little white horse appears before the horse thats being updated disappears, DO NOT TOUCH EITHER HORSE if you attempt to pick up one or both they will duplicate on rerez and may not be replaced.

Update v1.3 fixes:
1. The “touch to rez bundle” issue with the mare and/or bundle birthed not receiving the proper info from the server.
2. Pairing not showing broken in the stats. Also will now have to accept the pairing if the horses have 2 different owners.
3. Breeding: Owner, Group, Anyone settings have been adjusted. Owner-horse will only breed with horses owned by the same avatar. Group-horse will breed with another horse set to the same group. Anyone-horse will breed with any horse within its home range (This applies to pairing as well. Horse has to have the appropriate setting to pair)
4. Bundle: listener now shuts off after named, now shows stats and parents to anyone, hair gloom now shows on the bundle stats.
5. Horse menu now has parents option in the menu to anyone.
6. Recovery timer fixed, now reads 3 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and counts down from there.

New added features:

1. Now the updated version horses (v1.3) will not breed with the older version horses (v1.1, v1.2)
2. Added the button for Horse Haven (our horse trade-in program) which is still in production.
3. Added a child riding animation.
Update Instructions:

1. Please remove the updater from the box and rez ONE updater by one of your horses. Click the horse and hit update in the menu. Please wait until the horse is finished updating and them MOVE the updater to the next horse. You will have to reset home position on your horse if the updater is not next to the horse.

2. Continue moving the updater to each horse and update. If the sim is laggy it will take longer for the horse to update. PLEASE do not move the updater or the horse until it has completed the update process. If the OLD VERSION horse does not delete after 2 minutes, delete the WHITE HORSE above the updater, re-rez the updater and try to update your horse again. Any further issues please file a support ticket.

Pick up the Update at:

Amaretto Store

Simply Breedables Store

The Village Store