Amaretto Breedables | Breast Cancer Awareness Limited Edition Horse

There is a Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Horse available at the moment and obviously for a limited time (although there hasn’t been a definite closing of sales).  All proceeds will be donated to help find a cure for Breast Cancer.  The Limited Edition-Breast Cancer Awareness Horse has a chance of 2 coat colors and will be randomly be male or female and just like the other Limited Edition horses, it is a starter horse in a pink/white costume and will not pass on its special pink/white coat.

Amaretto are working with Panacea Luminos and Tasia Tonic for this fund raiser and will be donating the proceeds through their organization NY HealthScape sponsored by Southern Tier HealthLink NY, please take time to have a look at their Breast Cancer Awareness Center and Park that they have set up this month to make all aware of important information about Breast Cancer. Thanks to all for helping in the pursuit of a cure for Breast Cancer!!

They are just sooo edible and a nice change from the orange and pumpkins everywhere this week.  They can be picked up at many and varied locations including:

Healthlink, New York
Simply Breedables Market

National Breast Cancer Awareness Website

Amaretto Thank You Website


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