Mystic Creatures Fairies | Relaunch Party

The Mystic Creatures Fairies were relaunched yesterday at a Launch Party in their honor.  After a catastrophic first launch the fey have returned to their peaceful and tranquil ways after extensive and vigorous Beta Testing (how often do you get told to try your best to break something?)  The Party was a great success with the Fairies being once again available for sale in nearby vendors.

Yes, the time has finally come for the Fairy Launch Party.

The EvoBreeding, Mystic Creatures Fairies are Here and ready for you.

The fairies are here!!!!! The fairies are here. Come join us for the Launch Party.  You never know what will happen at the party. But I do know this, You will NOT want to miss this party. Make sure to wear your fairies, as there will be food out so that your fairies can eat while you are partying with us.  Come dressed as a Fairy if you want.

There will be fairies for sale here at the party. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to buy them.  There will be awesome displays, and you will be able to see the products.

We will also have some awesome music for the party also.

There is still the opportunity to have previous Fairies that you purchased replaced.  “Please put all your eggs, fairies, food, bonus items into a folder.  IF you have too many to do that, put them one at a time in a box, then put the box in the folder.  Add a list of the contents to the folder.  Then right click the folder and rename the folder to your full avatar name.  Then send the folder to EvoBreeding Engineer.  If you have any questions please IM me.  Tatiana Hema.  Thank you.”

The vendors can now be found in 2 locations but will be freely available at the beginning of next week.

Evo Breeding Pets Mainstore

Evo Breeding Pets Wyrmwood Store

Mystic Creatures has had a redevelopment of sorts with Evo Breeding Company becoming the mothership for a range of various breedables that are currently in development.  There is a website with more information on the range of Breedables being developed.



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