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Finally they are here!  Dogs!! Who would believe that in the history of breedables we have waited so long for mans best friend.  There is a early sample of BioBreeds Breedable Dog available for viewing at The Farm group of Markets.  Below is the information note card that is currently available and a a Taxi for you to jump on to go and have a look for yourself.




For almost two years now, Charity Goldfarb and I  have watched the coming and going of breedables. As many of you know, we were very involved in chickens, the first breedable, having essentially invented the market businesses that revolved around them (with a tip of the cap to Alora Jewel), and the breedables that followed. We feel we have been successful in the market business because we believe  that service to our  renters, and their customers, is essential. And we believe in having fun at the same time!
Throughout that, we felt that AI pets are, and will be, part and parcel of the future of Second Life. Also on board, we have the owner of one of the largest landscaping businesses in SL, and a hardware and software geek, I dare say. We have tremendous confidence in our coder, who also has a large successful business in world,  and our sculptor, who has been kind enough to put up with us and our relentless pursuit of excellence.   🙂

~Our Goal~

With the BioBreed dogs, we hope to create the best, and most realistic dog possible at this time. This will be our entry into the breedable market, and for obvious reasons, we want this to be the best on the grid.  We hope to earn your respect.  And we want to gain  your loyalty. How?  By creating a great dog!  Thru excellent customer service!  And by keeping you informed!

~About The Dogs~

We chose dogs for a few reasons, as our first breedable.  First of all, we talked to many of you over time about what animal you would like to see. We listened.  We also had a series of focus groups. (And to those of you who participated, much thanks!)
We also feel that dogs, being man’s best friend, were simply missing, and are an obvious choice. We have been working on these since about mid August and are getting very close to completion.  I hesitate to give a percentage of completion, but, with our goal of transparency in mind,  I can say this:  The first edition dog has been sculpted and completed.  While we have had a textured version, we continue to play with that some. We will be revealing the breed of the first dog when we are able to rez a demo of it. We hope to have that accomplished very soon. While there are many hurdles to be jumped yet, we think an optimistic date for release would be the first half of December. Because of the complexities involved, we can not predict a date. So, lets say sometime like January. I feel a little safer with that.  🙂
We will release one breed first, followed quickly by two others. And then we intend regular release of differnet breeds of dogs.

~On Testing and Testers~

We plan, at this time, to have an Alpha Testing group.  We would hope that they would be testing about two weeks, more or less.   Following that, we may have a short Closed Beta, with a larger amount of folks, that being not decided at this point.  Then Open Beta.  The length of Open Beta is hard to predict. It will depend on how our dog, code and server performs.

As I mentioned, we had some people we chose for focus groups.  We also had them in mind for a variety of roles in the group, from moderators, to translators and testing too. Most, if not all, of our Alpha Testers and group moderators  will come from those ranks.

If you are interested in testing, please notecard me, titling the notecard “Testers”, if you would. If we do a closed beta, you will be given serious consideration for that.

~The Future~

We see a future here, that is bounding with lifeforms.  From plants to birds, to fish to, well, dogs.  🙂  We also envision environmentally friendly animals, interacting not only with their human owners, but with the surrounding environs, including the other Ai living things.  We hope to be at the forefront of that.  We will be letting you know, as we go along, how we plan to become part of that future.  From a business standpoint, it may be counter productive to reveal too much of that today. But, I can say, that what we intend,  will be truly amazing. And, hopefully, become part of the culture in Second Life.

if you need any more info than this…IM me and I  will do my best to keep you informed!

Ozzie Drucker

Slurl: Wanna see a dog?



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  1. Well I hope the Lindens are going to up there game to cope. The chickens caused stupid amounts of Lag, especially if you were living next door to them. We are noticing the same thing happening with the horses & I’m sure any other Breedable will be the same, as people don’t know when to stop. Whilst I love the idea Lindens need to get some power & breeders need to think of their neighbours.

  2. I’ve noticed the horses are as bad as the bunnies, but the cats are not SO bad if you turn certain stuff off. I’m a dog lvoer IRL so itll be interesting to see these 😛

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