Amaretto Breedable K-9’s | Preview

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One thought on “Amaretto Breedable K-9’s | Preview

  1. All breedables should have been banned from the SL landscape long ago.

    Many breedables are high prim, high script self-replicating griefer devices, plain and simple. If these things were in any other shape but an animal they’d have been banned already. It’s just that LL is still blinded to this form of griefing for some reason.

    Breedables and their owners ruin sims and make them unlivable due to lag and owner attitude.

    Why? Well…….. Let’s take horses as example….

    Many breeders are asshats who get all pissy and defensive or downright nasty when others ask them to curtail horses scripted behaviors in order to conserve sim resources

    In addition, many breeders seem to be brainless oafs who don’t know how to confine sounds to their own land to avoid griefing others with the constant high volume neighing, whinnying and clomping around such scripted garbage produces.

    These self-replicating griefer objects and their owners should be ARed on general principle when spotted. As to the creators of this dramatic crap they and their products should be perma-banned at once.

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