BrightPets | SuperKitten!

SuperKitten has landed and is coming to save all the Cat Lovers from Breedable frustration.  Tomorrow MicroPetz is releasing the SuperKitten’s, under the new name of BrightPets which will represent the Cat and soon to come Dogs being released by the creators of MicroPetz Pigs.  The SuperKittens have already been through Beta and are ready for full release.  They will have a similar menu and working as the Piggies with there own special Catty features.

There will be 5 different breeds with 10 skins per breed (that means they will be releasing with over 50 skins) and around 15 eyes available upon release, with more planned for the future.  The SuperKittens will have fully automatic updating right from the start (this has become the norm with the piggies since the last update), which is a relief for us all.

The SuperKittens are 11 prims, with a very fast performance and low lag.  They are highly genetic and have a family tree included, there will be some great new features which are yet to be unveiled.  I haven’t seen the SK’s myself otherwise I would tell you 😉