Bubbies World | Fenrocks Release

Chaper 5 in the Bubbies World saga introduces the Fenrock XS based breedable.
They can consume Scrab eggs as their link in the chain of the Bubbies ecosystem.


About the Fenrock starter pack (full)

The starter pack (full) comes with 9 eggss, 1 of each possible combination of Red, Blue and Green and is ideal for those who want to start breeding for particular combinations. A Fenrock home rock is also included incase you don’t already have one and 2 Large gravel food bowls .

To hatch your eggs, simply place them on the ground within range of an Fenrock home, then click the egg cup and select “unpackage”. Once the egg is unpackaged, click the seed and select “Hatch” this will rez your Fenrock, and you can now sit back and watch it .

You should also have some food out, although he won’t be hungry until 4 hours after he is born.

About the Fenrock home rock

The Home object is what Fenrocks use to judge how far they are allowed to roam from. To configure the distance, change the description of the home rock . The home rock is modifiable, but it is not recommended to change it’s size greater than 1-2 meters in height (fenrocks can’t fly.)

Clicking the fenrock home rock will update all Scrabs in range with a new home position. You need to click the fenrock home everytime you hatch an egg or unbox an fenrock.

The Fenrock home covers a square area of land, allowing for traditional cages, the distance is calculated by using a maximum y and maximum x coordinate, this means that when an orch is in the corner of its roam distance, it will be further than the allowed distance from the Fenrock home .

An easy way to determine what your home distance should be, is to rez a large square covering the area you want, then divide the width by 2. So a 10×10 meter pen would require a distance of 5 in the home object. The home object should be placed in the center (on the ground).


Fenrock reach maturity at age 7, when they will start mating and producing seeds. In order to breed new Fenrock, you will require an adult male and an adult female, males will be ready to mate every 3 hours, and once a female is pregnant she will be ready to lay her egg after 2 days.

Live Fenrock and eggss must never be taken into your inventory. Doing so will break them, so in order to take them into your inventory, you should use Fenrock box forFenrock and egg Cups for eggs. These products are available free at the main store.

extra use : Fenrock can eat scrabs eggs

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