S-Designs – Lizard update 2.0

There  is an important update to the lizards this week, you need to grab the boxes and the new egg cups and update them to be able to get all the new specials that have been released. After you get everything updated, make sure and contact Steppenwolf Sporg so he can replace any of the old food you may have.

Special Halloween Lizard

Special Party Lizard

Special White Lizard

Along with the updates, there have been new products added to the line for lizards like the  Egg Collector , Color Changer, SuperSizeMe,  and of course the Special Eggs with much more coming.

Super Size me (for larger lizards)

Color Boxer ( Blue,Yellow,Green,Brown)

The lizards also now have a referrel program:

Hi there,

How can you earn Money ?

So advertise for the Lizards 😉 find People that want to have the Lizards! Bring them to the Store.

If your reffered Friend buy the Starter Pack notice the name. Get 5 People to buy the Starter Pack and Notice them on Notecard!

Send me your Notecard with the 5 Names in and i will check the Names! It must be 5 different Persons  😛

If they all bought a Starter Pack from the Store i will contact you.

You will get :          400L$


Steppenwolf Sporg

(Resell Vendors are not allowed on this 😉 )


Slurl: S-Designs