Flurbils Breeding Fun

What’s a Flurbil?

Flurbils are little creatures that run around inside of their habitats in Second Life and do all kinds of things like golfing, playing at the beach, socializing with each other, dancing, bouncing on beds… they live a happy, luxurious life. They live inhabitats you connect together with tunnels however you like. Flurbils can also travel around in their own tiny helicopters and airplanes. It’s hard to explain, so take a look at some screenshots or come see them for yourself.

Flurbils are a lot of fun to just watch and meet, but Flurbils is also a game! Getting started is pretty easy. Unlike other virtual pets, flurbils don’t need much attention if you’re busy, but it will take some effort if you want to top the charts.

Slurl: Go grab a free flurbil starter kit today

Slurl: Go grab a free flurbil starter kit today