Not Quite The Real Thing

I have been umming and ahhing about mentioning this, but inspired by the Precious Dragon team and a recent experience I decided that there’s no shame in outing those that deserve it every now and then.  Of course this situation may not seem to deserve such treatment, but let’s just leave that up to you to decide.

Shortly after launching Breedables Inc.  I discovered there was another Breedables Inc group created inworld.  I actually discovered this when I went to create our own group, for the blogging team to keep in touch and the name I first chose wasn’t available.  There had been a group newly created with 3 members, 2 of which were clearly alt’s.  Soon after one of our team members was shocked to discover a person with a tag touting our name fishing at a breedables 7seas area.  This was disturbing to me as I was concerned with the integrity of our name and if these persons were using our name to their advantage.  I wasn’t really sure what to do about the situation and so let it alone.

I later discovered they had opened a market with the same name, and I would like to specify that this isn’t The Breedables Market opened by extremely respectable The Farm group, but a market named Breedables Inc.  I have seen one particular member of this group around a few times with the tag Breedables Inc Own, usually fishing and afk and have also been told similar stories.  I do actually think I know who it is, but I’m not going to name any names and in the long run I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  I haven’t heard any bad reports concerning any mix-ups with them representing our blog or giving us a bad name (although if anyone has had that experience please pass on that knowledge).  It does sadden me that they seem to have taken advantage of a situation and tried to profit on our name, especially as if there was any profit to be made shouldn’t we be the one making it lol.  Mainly it just creeps me out and makes me a little angry.

I did just want to make it clear that the people that represent Breedables Inc. are those that are clearly named here, except our mysterious photographer who prefers to remain nameless but is well known to most as part of our group.  The Breedables Inc Bloggers group is invitation only and not open to the public, unlike the group I am referring to.  Please contact me if you have any information or feel the need to confirm any interaction you may have had with our blogging team.  Over and out.