Precious Dragons | New Trading System

I spent a few busy hours last night updating all my dragons and eggs, sorting those I wanted to keep (the ones that weren’t green, for some reason I seem to breed green dragons abundantly and it’s my least favorite color lol) and sending the rest off to the trader.  Because low and behold PD have a trading system now.  I love a good trading system and as I have come to expect from PD, this one is very interesting.  Someone said trading in your dragons will give dragon breeders ‘toys’ for their dragons but PD refer to them as devices, so that might be a bit more accurate.  The Trade Meter is currently at 50% and the hint mentions it being a portal for dragons and:

I have been testing this strange mysterious device in my laboratory for a while now, and I’ve noticed that Dragons can in fact travel through it!  It appears to be able to interact with a natural homing instinct that is inherent to the Dragons as well.

Which has me totally confused, but I’m sure more will come to light in the future.  So when you trade in a live dragon it adds towards the trading meter alone, but when you trade eggs you get the chance to choose between gaining Dragon Gold or Experience, the basic exchange being 1 DG or 5 Exp points, it increases in line with the traits of the egg.

After writing this I notice there is another update due now (I was behind on the other one).   So don’t be late like me, update your dragons now and go and check out the new Queen available.  The new Crystal Dragon Queen is the latest discovery on the PD sim with more mysterious promises.

It should be noted that based on my research, it would appear that the traits of this unusual Dragon might possibly be something that can carry over to the rest of the gene pool!

So I understand how the dragon genetic system works, but it just me or is this making promises of even more possibilities.  Well I’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

PD has now started having office hours with transcripts available on the PD blog from the community meetings.