Wildwood Breedables | A Peek at Kitty Beta

Kitty's are delivered in cute baskets, blue, pink or white once bred.

I happened along some of the Wildwood Kitty’s in beta and so thought I would take the opportunity to show off some snaps of them.  I was very impressed with them and it’s only early days of the beta now.  They have a variety of poses and also holding poses, which the beta tester Obyri Nightfire was kind enough to show me.  Mika Deluxe wanted me to assure everyone that the accessories pictures are only for beta and will knock our socks off when we see the final versions.  I didn’t find out a great deal about the menu but it seems there is the option to join a couple as mates or allow them to randomly go at it.  Holding them increases happiness and they give off hearts when breeding occurs.  The Kitty’s have a variety of pelts, eyes, ears, tails and shades, with an interesting aspect being there are different eye colours but also pupil shapes.  The Kitty’s are now in Phase 2 of Beta and don’t bother asking, they already have their beta testing team.

The Food, Water and Toy are beta also, will be new and improved for release.
Fluffy tailed Bicolor.
They have a range of great sitting poses, like crouching.
Amour treats help get the Kitty's ready for breeding.
There are varieties of tails and ears as well as eye types, slit or round.
How cute is this pose?
The ear types include fold, curl and normal ears.
Obyri Nightfire modelling one of the hold poses.
Having a stretch.
There are fluffy or normal tails discovered so far.
I just had to show this off I just love the sitting pose.

Starter Coats Preview

Teaser of Secondary Pelts

Holding Poses Previewed

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