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It has just been announced that Blood Mubble, Chronic Stoneage, and Nashville Cortes have joined the Amaretto Ranch Breedables Team, with K-9’s being the name used for the dog line.  The new K-9’s are on display with more information to be announced in the future.  Our previous post on HyperMutt’s has been deleted at the request of the K-9 Team which have retained the look and IP of the dogs shown.

Slurl: Amaretto Breedable K-9’s

Slurl: Amaretto Breedable K-9’s


17 thoughts on “Amaretto Breedables | K-9 Division

  1. So in other words your telling me that amaretto is basically buying someone else’s idea and wanting to cheat their way into having another animal which was really someone else’s idea and everything? …. kinda wrong isnt it? ……. well I know I wont be buying anymore amaretto brand

  2. If they bought the idea how do you figure it’s cheating? Is it also wrong for the creator to sell out? Give me a break.

  3. Hypermutts is not dead, they yes, have a new look since the old team. Yes old art team has sold to amaretto, But they have a new art team, beta sign ups are at, new store is about to be set up.. and new dog beta dog is supposed to be out in matter of days.
    So whomever said hypermutts is dead.. is passing off a bit of a fibbing….
    Again I repeat.. Hypermutts is not dead.. just a change of art team…

  4. I must say I’m not entirely happy with this post. I love the horses but the way things seem to be handled isn’t entirely acceptable. I can understand the creators going to another place to sell their dogs but it wasn’t their concept. Also to ask that Hypermutt’s post be deleted is not right either. It’s childish in some ways. There is room for multiple breedables that are of the same type to be shown and spoken about.

  5. We do not favor any company over another and just present the info as we find it. The original post was only images of some dogs and as far as we know at this time, these images have moved to another company. All we know is, Hypermutt is still moving forward and we will bring any news we get as soon as it is announced. We have been working on a new Hypermutt story but they currently have no photos or solid information they can provide us with at this time except that hypermutt is still in development.
    As you can see all links to any info are empty at this time but we are keeping an eye out for it.

    Thanks for reading
    Editor in Chief

  6. I’m actually quite interested in seeing how these go, i’m … trying to keep my tounge in my mouth (IRL I have dogs, i dont breed IRL for them but they’re adorable pooches and i swear to god it’d be funny to have them in SL too :P)

  7. I think that the art team are within their rights to sell their work and if amaretto can pick it up and make it work then the majority don’t miss out. Hypermutts can still bring their version out and to be honest with the 20 million other…okay…a *least* five other versions of dogs coming out, what does it really matter. I say good going to both for making a breedable..just hurry up and get it out.. I’m landed with cats til then heh

  8. Does anybody have the link or a SLurl to where I can pre-purchase a K9 starter pack? I came across a page that advertised this just last week, but lost it. Thank you.

  9. I’ve about given up on Amaretto as far as trust, there’s a lot of problem that they choose not to resolve or address, lots of complaints, and they have created a market with the horses that in my eyes is a scam. Forcing people who want to breed horses, to purchase new packs to be able to breed new coats killed the original market. And now that they’re in trouble from different fronts they want to release the dogs in hopes of saving their collective arses. I don’t see how the dogs are going to be any better then the horses when the primaries are still the same and will run it the same way.

  10. I think the old art crew from Hypermuts should have been careful with making a deal with devil. Amaretto lately seems to be going down in flames.. It’s like a train wreck, you don’t want to watch, but you can’t look away. Good luck guys.

  11. I don’t understand why so many people are against Amaretto? Is it jealousy? Amaretto is not responsible for the secondary market or what people choose to do with the horses they breed after they purchase from Amaretto. I’ve been around about 2 and a half months now and so far every bad bundle due to SL server or Amaretto server issues has been cheerfully and promptly replaced. Why should Amaretto not be making money on their own products? They even let us resell not only the horses themselves but any bundle they reproduce. I don’t know of any other type of program besides the breedable markets that allow this. I know I can’t breed my couch and than sell it heck half the time the stuff I purchase is no transfer anyway. Rayne.

  12. Hey Hypermutts, how those dogs of yours coming along?

    Oh that’s right, they have less charm than those iguanas.

  13. Hope amaretto does not stick their hands in these. I’m not prepared to have lots of mess ups like the horses. & I hope a nicer staff gets hired to help with customer service.

  14. i gave up on amaretto along time ago when an avi of mine was told by josephine herself that she would no longer replace items that was not delivered by her vendors…basically she took my 1k lindens and said she wasn’t going to give me the item that her equipment did not deliver…and being a perishable that was required in order for my horses to be healthy and breed..i had no choice but to spend more money..and i did…only long enough to sell of every amaretto item i had to other people…not surprised there are people disappointed in the service they receive from them. It’s a shame really

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