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BioBreeds Pug.

One of the things I love doing is picking people brains (not literally) and so one of the reasons I love blogging is because I regularly get to do that.  I had a good time quizzing Ozzie Drucker on his upcoming plans recently and so he wrote some things down for me to share with you.  The most exciting news being, one of the first dog breeds being released will be the Pug :)) how cute is that.  I’m just so thankful this one won’t dr00l everywhere like the real thing.  Read on for the lates BioBreeds news.

BioBreeds plans to rez its latest creation!   A Pug!  When available, we will send a notice for the various locations our model dogs can be viewed.  This is our second breed, and, as this year wears out, we will be creating many, many more, paying close attention to what our group is asking for.  We also currently have a contest going on for the Best Dog House!  The winner will have their Dog House rezzed on our home sim, BioBreeds.  And receive a plaque and a linden prize for their efforts.

BioBreeds Labrador.

We remain committed to realism.  Our aim is to create the most realistic breedables on the grid.  And to bring Life into Second Life!  As we do this, we feel we will be embarking on a journey that will create a whole new generation of breedables.  And, as time goes, not only change the landscape of the breedables “game”, but also that of Second Life.

The Dog House Competition has started.

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5 thoughts on “BioBreeds | Of Pugs and DogHouses

  1. Agreed. The pug looks ok, but the labrador is just awful. looks like some weird sausage dog hybrid. I’m all for realism, but if you’re gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk, and this just doesn’t do it for me. . My tip for the day, hire yourself a new sculpter who has a clue!

  2. I love the pug is very cute. The lab looks great too. I just cant wait to have my own dogs on my land.. Keep up the great work you doing so far.

  3. I like it. The pug looks very realistic. The hotdog could use better/closer pictures. It’s hard to see the details from long range.

  4. I love the Pugs , Cute as can be and as well done as any other breed system in Second Life , Very Happy !! Cost is Affordable also. Simple food refills makes things simple.

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