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There has been another changeover in ownership this weekend this time in the Faeries world.  Wyrmwood has now taken over ownership of what was Mystic Creatures Fairies.  I must admit this didn’t come as a great surprise to me, as Lorissia Fraisse and Dartagan Shepherd and their Wyrmwood team have been putting a great deal of work into improving the Fey and re-releasing them to the public in the form we now see them.  There is no risk to the integrity of the product and I have no doubt their service will continue to be of the high quality that has become the norm, with quick response to any problems.

We know it has been a confusing time for all of you and we want to send our heartfelt apologies and assurance that we did not plan for things to be so chaotic. As you know, everything we’ve done so far has been extremely organized and communicated to avoid confusion. Some decisions were made for the good of the fairy community and because we put our reputation and integrity behind the fairies when we agreed to remake them. One thing I, personally, have always provided to the fairy community was communication on our plans and timelines when I was able, and provided capable, informed and pleasant staff to help with your needs and a fun, calm environment for you to chat in.

We are at a crossroad and It will be an exciting one. We have always delivered on our promises, when it was within our power to make them. From now on , the fairies will be completely within our power. Please know that some of the messages being passed around in group are inaccurate. We won’t say any more than that, because the underlying reason for all of this is striving to remain businesslike and honest. You never have and never will get misinformation from the Wyrmwood team . We are the creators of the fairies that you have now, and are the team which worked so hard to get your old fairies replaced and working again, listened to your suggestions and have plans to make this one of the most exciting games in SL.

While we’re here, we would like to thank our excellent Beta Testing Team and our Patient, overworked CSR staff for their support, help, ideas and humor over the last months and into the future.

To help clarify these main questions:

1) Old vendors created by KhrysT Neox (the ones with the leaves on them) MUST be deleted.
2) New vendors can be acquired at Wyrmwood or from other NEW vendors for a limited time. (These official vendors are 1 prim vendors named Wyrmwood Affilliate Vendor created by Andy Enfield (Hippo Tech))
3) Only Food will be available in the vendors until the fairies have undergone testing for their next update.
4) Support and chat for the fairies will ONLY be available in the group Wyrmwood Chat & Support.  Please join that group. We are leaving the Mystic Creatures group to KhrysT and Xon’s control and wish them the best of luck for the future of their fishing systems and other creations.
5) 4.1.0 Fairies will still operate, food will still be eaten by them….until the next update comes out which will be in the form of an updater.

In this box are food barrels especially made to last 1 week until approximately 9am SL time November 28th, 2010. You can take as many of these foods as you want/need but be aware that on the 28th they will disappear without a trace. While we strive to get the newest best fae out for you to have fun with, we want to make sure you are not using up your purchased food. So enjoy the food and your fairies and help us celebrate the next stage of our development on these and other wonderful fantasy pets.

Lorissia Fraisse

Dartagan Shepherd – CEO, CTO, Lead Programmer & Engineer
Lorissia Fraisse – CFO & Project Lead
Wyrmwood Resident – Security Manager
Tatiana Hema – CSR Manager

Website: http://www.wyrmwoodonline.com
Email: wyrmwoodonline@gmail.com

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