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You may have heard by now that Cog Zeplin of C&C Creations has purchased the HunnyBunny breedable.  I was extremely happy to hear about this as HunnyBunny’s hold a special place in my heart as my first breedable animal and I know Cog to be a generous man that does what he does mainly out of the enjoyment of bringing breedables to the people that love them as much as he does (but don’t tell him I said that because he likes people to think he’s tough).  The C&C team (which now includes HB CSR Anaya Shelman) have been busy at work restoring HunnyBunny’s to those breeders that lost them due to various issues around the time of the V2 update.  The update did take place some time ago, but I held back on mentioning it because of the fact that the Limited Edition bunnies were having issues with updating and so I was waiting on that to be resolved.  Instead there has been a whole lot of changes with the sale of the company, and as part of that the Limited Editions have been restored.

A new sim has been purchased for the growing C&C Creations family and there are stalls available to rent for a low price, to sell your HunnyBunnys and Grouse.  There is also a HB sample pack at the old C&C store, so take a new look at the all new and improved HunnyBunny’s.

HunnyBunny V2 Update Changes Notecard:

The Basics

HB Bunnies no longer need a mat! In fact, a mat will interfere with the new scripts and may hurt the 2.0’s.  So please, take away your mats.  You will also need food (more info further down) and a toy.  We also highly recommend a pen of some sort to contain your HunnyBunnies because they like to hop around 🙂 unless you set the range to a smaller space and let them hop freely.   HB Bunnies still take 14 days to mature. Also, V2.0 has a new design. Males are a chocolate color and females are a lighter brown color. Only the ears are colored in this version.


With V2.0 there are 3 different food types.
One difference in this version is that the bunnies will eat around the clock. So be sure there is food available at all times because they will eat at SL Night! Note: Food no longer leaves behind halos.  So once the food is all gone it poofs.

➜Alfalfa Hay Cube: This food is used for HB Bunnies that have been neutured (more info further down). One HB Bunny will eat 200 servings of this food per month. So it’s a great saving if you want to just have a pet.

➜Carrot: This food is just like the older version. They will each eat 200 servings a week.

➜Cake: This food is for premium HB Bunnies. It is more expensive but has a higher chance of producing rare offsprings. In addition to the higher chance, the eggs produced will show the gender of the bunny inside. An important note is that males do not need to be on cake however females will need to eat cake before and during pregnancy. Once the egg has been laid, she will no longer need the cake. However, before the next round of pregnancy, if you want a higher chance of rares and gender named eggs you will need to start the cake before cooloff is done.  Females during cooloff may eat carrots if you wish to save on the price of food. Bunnies on the cake will eat 200 servings a week.


For V2.0, a female and a male must be within 2 meters distance to mate.  Once conception has happened the male will go into cool off for 3 days (72:00 on the stat clock). The female will be pregnant for 3 days (72:00 on the stat clock).  After a female has laid an egg, she will go into cooloff for 1 day (24:00 on stat clock). Our recommendation is that you keep the males and females apart so that you are able to coordinate their breeding schedules to your liking.


Congratulations! You have an egg!! What do you do with it now?
➜You can take it into your inventory without craddling it.  This will not hurt your egg.
➜You can craddle it. Be advised that egg craddles are now 4 prims.
➜You can hatch it!


Guess what! HB Bunnies2.0 don’t need to be boxed to be put into your inventory! However, once in your inventory they have 4 days (96 hours) before they hibernate.

Important Note: For bunnies updated from v1.6, please box and unbox your bunny one time to reset the stat from HB Hunny to HB Original. Any v2 Bunnies that are boxed and in any sort of countdown, the boxing will reset the timer, so it is not recommended to box after the inital update boxing.  This is something we can not get around due to SL scripting limits.


So your bunny hibernated in your inventory? Hop on over to the HunnyBunny Mainstore and buy the HB Wakey Wakey.  This will wake up your bunny and he or she will be fine.  If your bunnies die in world, currently there is no wake up potion.  That will come later on.


There are now 6 different species that the HunnyBunnies will produce.
➜Original: These are available for purchase at the mainstore. These are also the updated bunnies from version 1 to version 2.
➜Mixed: These bunnies have shiney ears.
➜Glowy: These bunnies GLOW!
➜Shiny: These bunnies are super shiney!
➜ShiGlow: These bunnies are a combination of glow and shiny and are the rarest.
➜Gold: Like the name says it… this bunny is in gold. It’s a male and does NOT need to be fed but does mate. This only comes from Premium bunnies and it’s extremely rare.


HunnyBunny has a brand new feature that allows you to neuter your bunny so it won’t breed anymore.  A neutered bunny will be called “Pet” on their stats and will eat significantly less amounts of food.  They need a special food called Alfalfa Hay Cubes.  Also, any bunny that becomes a pet may return to a breeding bunny at any time with the help of a vet.

➜Need to find a vet?  Check within the group to see if there are any vets available.

➜Want to be a vet?  In order to become a vet you will need to buy the license and supplies from the HB Mainstore.  Note: Vets cannot neuter/reverse their own bunnies or any other bunnies they co-own.  If you become a vet, we recommend a price to neuter a bunny to be around 300L.  This amount takes into account that the owner will be saving greatly on food over time.  But it is at your discretion as you run your Vet Clinic 🙂


This is where you get the information about your HunnyBunny.

➜Full Stats show: Name, Species, Gender and Age, Hunger, Happiness, Food type, and Color vectors

➜Mini Stats show: Name, Species, Gender and Age, and Hunger.

➜Stats Off show: Nothing 🙂

The New Blue Menu
Upon clicking the bunny you will find the following:
Close, Box, Add, Support, Hop On/Off, Settings, Food.

Let’s take this one by one:

➜Close: This closes the dialog box. Please be sure to click close instead of ignore to avoid double changing your settings.
➜Box: No additional menu. This will box your bunny.
➜Add: Close, Vet, CoOwner, Back.
➜Close: Use this to exit the blue menu totally.
➜Vet: Have the vet touch the bunny first before you click the bunny.  For the safety of bunnies, co-owner(s) and owner cannot be his/her own vet. You do need a vet if you want to neuter your bunnies. Neutering is reversible.
➜CoOwner: Have the CoOwner touch the bunny first before you click the bunny to add. This feature allows someone you trust to take care of your bunnies with you.
➜Back: Returns you to the root menu.

➜Support: Close, Manual, HB Group, Back
➜Close: Use this to exit the blue menu totally.
➜Manual: Offers a link in local chat so you may see the manual.
➜HB Group: Offers a link in local chat to join the HunnyBunny Farmers Group.
➜Back: Returns you to the root menu.

➜Hop On/Off
➜When Hop On is showing on the menu, the bunny is not hopping. Click to turn hop on.
➜When Hop Off is showing on the menu, the bunny is hopping.  Click to turn hop off.

➜Settings: Back, Close, Dream, Stats, Scan, Name, Home, Range
➜Back: Returns you to the root menu.
➜Close: Use this to exit the blue menu totally.
➜Dream: Click this to upload your own custom dream. You will need the UUID of the texture. Copy and paste that into local chat within 30 seconds and your bunny will have a personalized dream 🙂
➜Stats: Back, Close, Full, Mini, Off.  (Self explanatory)
➜Scan: This scans nearby objects in case something is going wrong. So you will know if you have too many scripted objects close.
➜Name: Click this to name your bunny.
➜Home: Click this to set the current position as the bunny’s home.  Just a tip: These bunnies hover slightly above ground like any sculpties, move them down then set home. This will solve the hovering.
➜Range: This is the range your bunny will hop in.

➜Food: Close, Carrot, Cake, Back
➜Close: Use this to exit the blue menu totally.
➜Carrot: Click this to set the bunny’s food to carrot.
➜Cake: Click this to set the bunny’s food to cake.
➜Back: Returns you to the previous menu.
NOTE: There is no cooloff time when you change the food type.

Slurl: C&C NEW Main Shop


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  1. I don’t know why people make breedables that have already been out. We need a new animal that hasnt been out yet. These look interesting though.. but yeah.

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