Happy Thanksgiving from Breedables Inc.


There is one thing I truly believe is important in life and that is to be thankful and show appreciation for the special people in your life.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to wish those in the US a Happy Thanksgiving and say a special Thank You to all the Breedables Creators and Teams out there that enhance our Second Lives.  I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the breedables community and having the opportunity to contribute in my own little way by keeping Breeders informed and hopefully introducing some newbies to the joy of SL Breedables.  I have come to appreciate the hard work that is behind the scenes for anyone involved in creating and releasing a Breedable and sadly have come to know of the insane level of abuse these people can often come under.  So on this Thanksgiving Day regardless of what country you are in, lets all take the Thanks part of Thanksgiving seriously and say thank you to those that work so hard (even if you don’t see it) to contribute to SL Breedables.

A big Thank You also goes out to those breeders that work hard to create a stable and friendly market for the various breedables represented in SL.

I encourage you to find something positive and thankful to say in groups, or please feel free to comment here.  I am usually open to voice opinions, even if they are negative, but on this particular post I will only be approving positive comments.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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